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  • Code of Conduct


    In order to maintain the high standards of membership in KSI, and to continue to represent the KSI community, all members MUST understand and abide by the following “Code of Conduct”.


    1. Every KSI member must read and understand the Xbox Live® and/or Playstation® Networks Service Agreement and Code of Conduct.


    2. KSI does not tolerate discrimination, racism, or harassment, by or towards, any member of KSI in game lobbies, chat forums, or gaming situations of any type. Can result in immediate expulsion from the KSI Global Gaming Network.  


    3. Leaders within KSI are responsible for: the organization of all squad matches and practices, posting match scores, maintaining professional game play during squad matches, and oversight of performance and behavior of lower ranking members.





    5. All members have an “Open Door Policy” to speak with Leaders and Founders on any issues or with any ideas. Members are expected to maintain a professional attitude when utilizing this policy, this policy is also NOT TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGED OF. 


    6. A KSI member takes pride in his or her membership and is encouraged to change their gamer tag within 60 days.



    7. KSI members must maintain a professional manner and attitude during play as well as within lobby chat (This also applies to things like Skype, KIK, Facebook, etc). 


    8. KSI members are not permitted to be a part of any other gaming league unless they are within the alliance of KSI affiliated leagues.



    9. All KSI members must be the age of sixteen on games rated M (Mature) ESRB RATINGS


    10.The list of prohibited activities includes, but is not limited to: Illegal Drugs, Software and other forms of piracy, Racketeering, Money laundering, Blackmail, Murder, Child ****ography, Prostitution, Bestiality, Incest, Slavery, Fraud, Cannibalism, Theft, Vigilantism, Harassment/Sexual Harassment, Slander.   


    11. KSI has a zero tolerance for any types of cheating, hacking, or modding. Failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate expulsion from KSI Global. If the modded gaming equipment is permitted by Microsoft or Sony to be utilized in-game it is allowed, unless said otherwise during a KSI event (This includes any and all KSI activities in KSI). Leaders reserve the right to determine whether or not it can be utilized in any event. 


    12. Being apart of KSI Global Gaming Network is 100% voluntary, the leadership has right to do as seen fit with a checks and balances system in place