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  3. Any Star Wars fans out there?

    Ren's a let down. I'd be on the Light side. Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn are my favorites.
  4. Any Star Wars fans out there?

    Yoda's my dude and all but I had to go with the first order when they gave me an ultimatum >:] their heroes are just more fun to play with!
  5. Nex Addo's XMAS Giveaway

    Idk if I'm just blind and missed it, but when will the winner be announced?
  6. What Sports Players or Coaches Have You Met?

    Ahh, went to school with/played on the same Highschool team as Adam Thielen. (WR for MN Vikings)
  7. Happy to say I am the new director overseeing the PlayStation 4 division along with SF division on the Xbox One. I plan to have them both work hand and hand toward the future of a more prosperous KSI.

  8. Happy to say I am the new director overseeing the PlayStation 4 division along with SF division on the Xbox One. I plan to have them both work hand and hand toward the future of a more prosperous KSI.

  9. Musicians: 1. Joe Don Rooney (Rascal Flatts) 2. Charles Kelly (Lady Antebellum) 3. Darius R 4. Fergie Actors: 1. Chris Odonnel 2. Lucas Black 3. Larry The Cable Guy 4. Josh Duhamel 5. Huey Lewis 6. Ray Romano 7. Carson Daily Probaly more I met but cant think more right now. Same thing link my sports post. They come to the att pro am.
  10. What Sports Players or Coaches Have You Met?

    Players: 1. Matt Cain 2. Buster Posey 3. Justin Verlander 4. Aaron Rodgers 5. Tony Romo 6. Wayne Greztsky 7. Jerry Rice 8. Steve Young 9. Harris Barton 10. High school Friend Mason Foster 11. Brent Jones 12. Alex Smith 13. Will Clark 14. Jt Snow 15. Dwight Clark Mainly all pro golfers Coaches: 1. Bill Bellicheck 2. Bob Stoops 3. Bruce Bochy 4. Dave Righetti 5. Jim Harbough 6. Charlie Weis 7. Herman Edwards 8. Tony La Rusa Announcers: 1. Chris Berman 2. Mike Krukow 3. Dave F
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  12. Anime and Manga Recommendations

    Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to look into the rest of those after I finish K
  13. Anime and Manga Recommendations

    I haven't updated a full list in a while so maybe I will do that later today, but here is my Top 10 Manga (note the manga is always better). Check these out! 1) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 2) Berserk 3) Battle Royale 4) Goodnight Punpun 5) Yotsuba&! 6) Parasyte 7) Killing Stalking 8) Tokyo Ghoul 9) Inuyashiki 10) Initial D Do note: Some of these are kind of out depending on arcs. Berserk's Golden Age arc, which is the second arc of the story that covers volumes 3-15 is absolutely perfect. The series however drops off after that point into something that I don't really think is anywhere near as good as this backstory arc. Still good but not enough to justify it to be above Jojo's (that arc alone though, yes lol) Also Dragon Head would come in as #10 but the series also drops off after a certain point. The first arc where they are trapped underground after a train accident is so amazingly dark, but once they leave in volume 3 the series drops and is less than rememberable. But I would stand behind any of these and say that there is no way to dislike any of them!
  14. Anime and Manga Recommendations

    K was pretty good, it is for sure one that you will have to watch twice because you are given so little information about what the hell is going on that is all revealed in the last episode or two then you are all like "OOOOOOHHHHH" on the second watch through it makes a lot more sense because of the fact that you can actually see various points were the plot is developing rather than just seemingly random events. I haven't seen Death Parade myself, but I have looked into it (needs a manga though lol). I would probably recommend animes like Death Note, Deadman Wonderland, or Erased if you are looking for something closer to that.
  15. Name Anime with Half-Human MC

    Its hard to think of these on the fly but..... Attack on Titan - Human / Titan The Devil is a Part Timer - Satan in human form Spice and Wolf - Wolf Deity in sort of human form (similar to neko girls but with a wolf instead of cat) Claymore - Human modified to be super human More often than not they are really half and half as the main character. Side characters, yes, such as Rosario + Vampire were the MC is human going to school that is all monsters where they think he is a monster (obviously isn't). Sankarea is another, main boy is human but has this love for zombies, so much so he wants to date them. He meets this girl who wants to die, she does die, and comes back as a zombie -- his ideal girl. But honestly Tokyo Ghoul and Parasyte are probably the only 2 super, super good ones for this type of genre you are looking for. On my list the only one that there is a battle like in those is Attack on Titan but that plot point fades really, really quickly. Tokyo Ghoul and Parasyte there is a huge transformation of characters as they battle being half human -- Parasyte handling it so amazingly well it is unreal! Watching Shiniji and Migi basically switch morals of what is humane and what is just survival, holy crap, was amazing! The kind sent shivers up my spine. I am sure you have seen Bleach because everyone has lol and that is kind of like the others on my list that aren't AoT. They mention hey, you are this, and then the story just moves on without any further discussion / develop around the fact that they are not 100% human. Hope this helps! If you ever need someone to talk anime but more so manga, hit me up man because this is my life!
  16. Nex Addo XMAS Giveaway

    COPIED FROM FRONT OF STORY Hey Peeps! It is my favorite time of the year I get to give away more stuff. I wanted to first express that I appreciate the patience that you have given me as I wanted to get this out in time but due to unforeseen events I was unable and now that is out of the way let us get to it. First, let me say thank you very much for KSI Diablo for helping out with this and this is his first forums event with me and was awesome to work with. Secondly, thank you JT for participating in part of the giveaway process. Thirdly thank you Lyricani for the graphics work. Whats up for grabs this year? A $25 Gift card for Xbox (if a PS Peep gets it then PS gift card) 3 KSI Global Stickers from JT Rules: 1 Submission from each person *anyone who answers at least 10 question gets two submissions anyone who tries the puzzles gets 1 submission* Have fun and remember this is Christmas time! Submit your answers to me by PM @Nex Addo by hover with your mouse over my name and hitting the mail button. You also have the choice to message me on Discord Nex Addo#3713 --------------------------------- Puzzle Section 1 (Unscramble the words) *Christmas Theme* whiet wboisenmol ebldssbo gsveol rzegenif eeathrw gnkiis ohekyc esohlv nieungp Puzzle Section 2 (Trivia Time) *KSI and Christmas Theme* - This guy goes by many names and sports a beard, who is he? - This guy is mysterious, has been around a long time, likes green, and goes by 3 names, who is he? - This guy goes by alien and is Scottish, who is he? - He has the name of a god, does FTLA, and hangs around Cali a lot, who is he? - Tells stories of old and tells stories that last a long time, who is he? - Americans observe this day in December that involves Hawaii, what is this event called? - Name three songs of Christmas that are NOT from Mariah Carey and Michael Buble - What obsession do I have with? *bonus point and it is a food item* Puzzle Section 3 (Scavenger Hunt) - On December 1st I posted about an awareness that has affected the world and KSI, what was it about? - Name 3 Hall of Famers - How many divisions are in KSI Global at the moment? *estimate* - How many departments are in KSI Global? *estimate* - You will have to go through them before you can come back if you have been Blacklisted or DNHed, who are they? - Name 1 series we have on our Youtube Channel
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  18. RT @beautyskilled: Rt =1 squat // like = 1 pushup. Make me die tomorrow. ❤

  19. RT @Boogie2988: My heart shattered when I read the news that @TheAngryGrandpa has passed. He truly was an inspiration and will always be…

  20. new to ksi

    Glad to have you! Haven’t gotten “Honor” yet but it’s definitely on the list. Hope you’re enjoying yourself here.
  21. Name Anime with Half-Human MC

    Bleach: Ichigo - Half Human, Half Soul Reaper (Shinigami)
  22. new to ksi

    Uhh Hi my name's Alonzo! Thx for inviting me to the community and guild. I been gaming since I could hold a controller :D..Ultima online got me hooked on MMO's when I was 12 and gamed on PC mostly. World of Warcraft 10 years on and off quake3 arena..I love fighting games too I play for Honor alot as well. All about having fun and progressing! Hmu on Xbox xemptinessx127
  23. Name Anime with Half-Human MC

    I'm looking for anime with the main character being half-human and half-monster or something. Examples: *Tokyo Ghoul *Parasite *Devil Lady *Naruto
  24. Sword Art Online or Tokyo Ghoul?

    As the Taco commercial says why not both?
  25. Hey thanks for letting me in guys!

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