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  2. Alright why create another server before the original server was shut down? You also turned that server into a roast session on your divisional leader Achilles this is potrayed as a mutiny to me , causing a uproar in his division. If you wanted to help build and recruit why would you oppose your leader and create a seperate server?
  3. Case can start
  4. I can witness for Member Assistance, Officer, Trainer for the Clan Ops side. I can witness for Grammar Nazi being that he is my editor on the News Team.
  5. Need one more for Grammer Nazi and Trainer. Note that the Trainer witness must be an officer or above.
  6. Glad to have you in Fire Storm!!
  7. Transfer Form: Gamertag: KSI SKULLHUNTER Squad Coming From: HAVOC SR Squad Wanting to Transfer To: RAPTURE SR Division Wanting to Transfer to: Who Did You Inform (General - CO-FO): KSI xR3AP3Rx
  8. Glad to be apart of this great division and hope to play with all of you soon!
  9. Grammar Nazi - I can witness this Socialist - Approved by Honor System Member Assistacnce - i can witness this Officer - he is a Gen in Orion Better with friends - I can witness this Trainer - I can witness this
  10. Um yeah Just gotta figure out how to unblock it lol. I have like 8 friends I'll be on the Xbox tomorrow night I'll do it then
  11. Loved meeting everyone that is a part of Galactic. Lots of great people and gamers all around. I'll be in touch with all you guys. I'm a little fond of you guys.
  12. Split split split o
  13. Yesterday
  14. FTLA Application Form 1.) Do you fully understand and agree to the FTLA Guidelines, and the KSI Code of Conduct? Always 2.) Do you fully understand that the FTLA will consist of multiple classes, benchmarks, and scenarios that will be very challenging? Yes 3.) Do you understand that there will be strict rules and guidelines regarding mandatory meetings and testing? Yes 4.) What are the reasons that you are applying for the FTLA program? I've been around for awhile but never had a chance to take this. Im always down to learn more, nobody is perfect. 5.) How long have you been associated with the K.S.I. organization? 1 year and a half 6.) What is your current rank in K.S.I. and what division are you in? Eternal HF GEN 7.) With your entire history with K.S.I., have you ever been Blacklisted, and if so, why? Never 8.) Every person has their strengths about them. What are your personal strengths and attributes that you feel makes you a qualified candidate? I'm good at keeping people active, I'm always available and approachable, and I always make people feel welcome. I have the passion, the drive, and the time dedication to do what's necessary. 9.) Every person also has certain attributes and qualities that they may like to improve, what qualities would you like to improve? I'm good at what I do, but I'm not very good at training people below me to do what I do. I sometimes struggle to motivate people to want to do things and go further 10.) Will you have access to a computer for all meetings? No, my laptop's busted, but my phone and notepad should be alright 11.) Recommended By? (Former FTLA member, FTLA Officer, Former FTLA member, FTLA Officer and/or KSI Leader) 12.) What is your discord name? Post in Name and number format like mine as an example KSI Chaoticz#2186
  15. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
  16. I'm good. Started playing Conquest again lol
  17. Doing good, how are you doing?
  18. To put this in your signature, go to your name at the top right - > Account Settings -> Signature -> Insert other media -> Insert from URL. Copy the link and put it in there and boom, it's in your sig
  19. Eternal is about to split, when we do so our two squads would possibly be down to participate.
  20. My apologies on not being active in here. How's everyone doing today??
  21. Okay, I've passed your name over to Abyss HF. Someone will hopefully get with you soon. To speed up this process could you also make your friends list open. (Apologies on the late reply, the website went down as I was typing this earlier)
  22. Agreed. Bless the men in blue
  23. It all comes down to mathematics, Being an Engineer I can tell you that nothing I ever built would hold up against these odds. Enjoy
  24. So no longer in need of a web ops banner, Just need a human resources banner? Sorry to be repetitive, if so
  25. Yeah sure, that what I play alot I can get on right now. Im leaving for church in about an hour or so. Won't be back till Monday. Got a tournament on Sunday. If you want to join a party I can talk to you around now if you would like.
  26. Well if you wanna join on COD: IW then I can sort that out for you?
  27. Honestly whatever works. Which ever one of you play CoD the most.
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