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    Yeah, took me like 10 minutes to come up with that lol.
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  4. @Scomo843 It's a D or maybe C minus .. all tall and strong no speed.. speed kills @EASPORTS_MUT @MUTGuru @Jstein2469

  5. PR Div Chat

    So excited to see this division grow. PR will grow and prosper like it's mother divison. Lets show em' what we got guys!
  6. Request form

    Evidence for Wasted Life seen by AAP Rep. Tuning In - Yes Socialist - Yes Reality Star - Yes Producer -Yes Wasted Life - Yes
  7. Gamer's Hint

    This one can be tricky. I've heard it used on this game but I believe it's CoD 4: Modern Warfare?
  8. Request form

    Evidence for Wasted Life seen by AAP Rep. Tuning In - Yes Socialist - Yes Reality Star - Yes Producer -Yes Wasted Life - Yes
  9. Request form

    Chaoticz was given a screenshot of this
  10. Signatures

    You and me both. Im actually more fond of the communities that have the awards in the sidebar of their posts, and the awards are actually little badges/icons instead of literal "bars". But that's another discussion...
  11. Havoc SR Squad Meeting notes

    Squad Name Meeting Notes Date:10/20/2017 Host:KSI MrLoneMex WHO ATTENDED KSI DrakMonaco69 KSI GREENGRIZZ Ang3ls Devil KSI xR3AP3Rx fighter2239 Viral Apocalyps Twisted Mags 33 SUBJECTS COVERD: Need to get more more recruits There is a recruit challenge get 30 recruits 1st place gets $129 headset, 2nd $70 ,3rd $20 KSI BANDIT 777 LEFT KSI KSI QUEENPINK 7 IS NOW OUR DIV LEADER AND KSI TUBES7 IS OUR NEW CO-DIV KSI will no longer tolerate gossip of other members if caught you maybe removed on the spot
  12. Havoc SR Squad Meeting notes

    Date:10/13/2017 Host:KSI MrLoneMex WHO ATTENDED KSI ICESTALLION KSI GREENGRIZZ KSI KODA KSI AceAssasin KSI Z0mbiekilla KSIDRAKMONACO69 SyFoonz KSI DAREDEVIL49 Fighter2239 CryptoTriipy SUBJECTS COVERD: We need to get 30 recruits within the next 2 weeks everybody needs to get recruits officers included. We need KSI members to remember to have there parties open first time is a warning second time is rank suspension KSI MESSIAH77 has step down as go to And is no longer in clan ops only web ops KSI BANDIT 777 is our new cofo We need to know who in the squad will be getting COD WW2 well just remember to have fun and enjoy
  13. KSI BIG JOHN 7 Rewards

    Squad Splitter - Approved. Master Trainer - Approved. Mad Max - Approved Trainer-Approved. Gamer Score Horde - approved Humanitarian - One witnes required that you actually purchased items for
  14. Gamer's Hint

    This is a game we used to play in the old SF section. Pretty simple, you give a one hint sentence about a video game you like. We keep on going until someone get's in right. The person to get it right then chooses their own game/hint, and so on. We never really had prizes for the peeps that guessed right but I was thinking that we could all agree to give an "reputation up vote" to the persons post that has the correct answer, that way we have something to play for. Whenever we tally up the scores we'll go by most correct answers from a person. On top of that person getting upvotes, I'll also give them a surprise gift All games across all consoles are allowed. Just try and avoid picking games that are obscure and no ones ever heard of. The game would die pretty fast lol. I'll start it off with a simple one. "Soap is the FNG".
  15. New KSI Productions Application {2017}

    Thank you for applying...your application is under review.
  16. KSI Inferno HF Gamenight Attendance

    Host: KSI KEN Date 10/20/17 Attendance: KSI Mjollnir KSI Kodama KSI Thermal KSI Pointman720 KSI B4ndeezee QcMarine55 KSI DemonTank Opticdragon1100 SweetT8tor
  17. AAP Award Suggestions

    I like these!
  18. LE Division General Chat

    Misss youuuuu!
  19. Aries LE Meeting Notes

    Aries Meeting 10/20/2017 Attendance: KSI Rocker 2ND LT KSI greentigeress SGT KSI Vicktory x GEN KSI Grenadier Maj KSI Gooby CPL KSI Eagle SGT KSI ArmyStriker SGT KSI Code 3RD LT KSI Spank 1ST LT Meeting Notes: Requites are doing great we got a 15 member boost in a week.Next week we are having 3 meeting hosted by the lieutenants of Aries to learn how to host a meeting. We got a few people to sign up for the Destiny 2 team.We are dong very good on being active and playing with other clan members. Promotions: N/A
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  21. Kratos RD Chat

    Hello all
  22. SR Role Call

    Gamertag: KSI SunlKitty SR CO-FOUNDER Checking in
  23. Synthetic Reality Division Chat

    Yes sir!
  24. LE Division General Chat

    We try
  25. New KSI Productions Application {2017}

    Thank you for being interested in joining the production team, please fill out the application and I'll get back with you as soon as I can, thank you! Name: Noah Brandt Email: [email protected] Gamer Tag: KSI Warr Division/Squad: Hades Age: 16 Date: 10/20/17 1. What's your experience with productions (editing, video, recording, mixing, etc.)? I have a YouTube channel that I've put some videos on. My YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrfB9Zmxr8izn3YfjVk_YjQ 2. What are some of your strengths? Im an optimist and am almost always happy. 3. What are some of your weaknesses? I struggle with time management. 4. What are the specific programs that you use for editing, recording, mixing, etc.? iMove 5. What are some of your past projects? Check my link to my YouTube channel 6. Are you self taught or did you go to school? And how long have you been doing this? Im self taught, I've been doing this for about a month. 7. Do you work good with others on a project or do you prefer to fly solo? I prefer to 'fly solo' but if I'm needed for a group project then i can be compatible. 8. Have you struggled with procrastination or you a go getter that likes stuff done in a timely manner? I usually start as a go getter and go in head strong but slowly die out but I can correct myself if i notice myself starting to fade. 9. Where do you see yourself in the future with KSI Productions? Just making videos and having fun. 10. Just for fun...what's a Dutch Angle? I think thats just where you take a photo with the camera slightly tilted. 11. Just for fun...what's your favorite movie and game of all time. Movie- Either Saving Private Ryan or Brother where art thou Game- Destiny 1 or Borderlands 2 or Halo 3 12. Just for fun...favorite sports team all-time? I don't watch sports... I play sports.
  26. Sourz Application

    There's a weird white mark on the player's face in the third piece, but otherwise I love the work! Requesting for you to be added as a Trial Artist now. And I sent you the invite to the web server.
  27. Signatures

    I'd be happy if the awards box was a spoiler lol.
  28. PR Div Chat

    Keep on making waves! Rise up!
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