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  4. iCastiel

    Favorite All Time Game?

    PC: Can't Beat League Of Legends. Console: MW2 for FPS and all round is Skyrim.


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  7. New Blue

    Meet a Board Member: KSI Copper 7

    Additions and subtractions: The words the KSI Board has been all too familiar with in the past month. The fact is, KSI could learn much more about each member of the board. That’s exactly what this article series will be about: Interviewing each board member to learn about their plans, their self, and thoughts. With each article, we hope to shine some light on exactly who these people are. Allowing each member of KSI to make their own feelings. Our next interview will be with KSI Copper 7! *** KSI New Blue: Copper, tell us about when you first joined KSI. KSI Copper 7: When I joined KSI there were like 160 people in here and they were doing WW2. It was fun. Biddulph and Migraine told me and the wife that being in KSI is all about having fun and just gaming. So I thought, right on! So we started at the bottom of the ranks and I was just having fun until I got introduced to KSI robfink26 and KSI THYMINE 7. They taught me about what all the officers did and can do. KSI New Blue: Can you talk about your time going up the ranks? KSI Copper 7: I started in Rapture. We only had a few officers in the squad, but when they hosted a Gamenight, they killed it. When it came to ranking up, I busted my butt to help out the squad. I had fun recruiting people into KSI. When I was a Sergeant, I was hosting game nights just to get a lot of people into game nights. As many people jumped me, I just worked that much harder to prove I'm here to help the squad grow. About a year and a few months I was running a squad, and it was Rapture. Being a Co-Founder is just like being a General but with a twist. The only difference is being over two squads. I was over Rapture and Redemption. But being a CoFo, you have to learn to step back and look at what's going on in the squads. I knew rapture was in good hands but I was still helping out the squad. Redemption had its ups and downs. After a while, we started getting into it and started picking the squad back up. Founder: Now that’s where I had to learn to not just focus on two squads but six. I also needed to figure out what squads were doing good and what squads needs the help while talking to the Division Leader and Co-Founders too figure out what we could do to start changing stuff too help the squads. No matter what, the way I looked at stuff, you look at what worked and what failed and try to change to put a twist on stuff. Also, see where it would peak too the members. KSI New Blue: What position do you hold on the Board? How did you get there? KSI Copper 7: I hold an FA Leader’s seat on the board. I had to do an interview with a few of the board members to make sure I was ready to hold a seat. KSI New Blue: What makes your perspective on KSI unique from the other Board Members? KSI Copper 7: Well each board member has their own thing to do, from the owners all the way to board reps. With the seat I hold, I have a chance to get a few things changed on the FA side (If it can get passed). And like I told the board members, I am here for KSI and trying to make it better for the members. KSI New Blue: What issues does KSI face today? How can you and the board make sure they get resolved? KSI Copper 7: The problems I see in KSI are depending on the squad. Some are recruiting and some are finding officers. But as for the Board, I can’t speak for all of them. All I can say is that when it comes to both sides of it, we go over everything and we talk about what action we need to take to help everyone. KSI New Blue: What are your dreams for KSI? Where do you hope to see us in 6 months? KSI Copper 7: My dream for KSI is to have it grow and for people to just have fun at what they love to do; that’s gaming. I am hoping in 6 months to be at least getting ready for a div split or be sitting in a good spot to be talking about it. For KSI as a whole, I’m hoping we can get some new things going with cross-platform battles and maybe Crowns on a few games.
  8. Gotta choose life or death flip a coin right smg😔😲😷👼🙏

  9. Your about me is pretty interesting dude! what are you up to nowadays?

  10. iCastiel

    Former GEN - Semper Fidelis

    Welcome back, I once had been a division leader for SF, cool division even when it comes and goes.
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  12. Just a thought I was thinking if the coronavirus came from an animal or started off from an animal wouldn't animals be able to catch it too birds flying around all over the place. 👦👨👩 catch corona virus from🐍.soooo then we pass it to 🐶🐱 then they pass it to 🐱🐶👩👨👦👶👴👵👳👳💂....um then 👼👼👼👼😇😇😈😈👿👿 them animals

  13. They have hit the nail on the head a couple times

  14. Lol...everyone staying on face book every min posting what they doing 8:32 cooking+spraying lysol...8:49 done eating used the toilet bout out that T.P bla bla bla lol

  15. Hunker down to your new trap boy music....but they wasting disinfect spray

  16. KSI Murderrr

    Former GEN - Semper Fidelis

    After a long time and lots of bumps in my road I'm happy and appreciate to be back home where I belong with my KSI family. Hope to have great time back, earn my ranks back and hangout with everyone I can here. Thank you to all who let me back, and love you all. Happy to have this place as my home once again. 😍
  17. Nex Addo

    COVID-19 & KSI

    2019 Novel Coronavirus (aka COVID-19) a recent and current pandemic of the world affecting cultures, countries, religions, young and old. Not only is it affecting people health-wise but also the world economy. Though something we aren’t thinking about is how it is affecting our own, KSI members. From the board to the recruits. So how does COVID-19 affect KSI? First, let us talk to KSIxDaniWolf who actually has been diagnosed with COVID-19. “So It started with a cough, I thought it was just a smokers cough but it got too the point I was like, dry heaving. After that, I started to get very sleepy and then the fever came on, it reached 42 at its highest but it’s usually 39 (it’s now going down) but even though my body would be feeling really hot and covered In sweat I always feel cold, sore to move and shivery. Coughing so much I puke I haven’t been able to stomach anything for days. I’m starting to reach the fatal point that I might need to be hospitalized but I’m keeping with meds and I can’t really move from my bed, it’s sometimes difficult to breathe especially after a coughing fit, my muscles ache and even moving a few feet I can feel super drained”. So for those who are sick there are constant news changes as to what to do and not to do, how long to be self-quarantined, what medication to take and much more. Some squads and divisions are reporting upticks towards activity and recruitment which some attribute To mass quarantine and layoffs. KSI Titan 7 claims, “As of yet I’ve only seen a minor increase in activity from some of the members in my squads being that schools are shutting down and businesses are sending employees home.” KSI New Blue also states, “My squad seems to have been affected positively….Our game night attendance has gone up by a ton, and recruits are just falling into our hands.” Now we could claim that this is due to COVID-19 but only time will tell after restrictions are lifted and people go back to work. We would have to ask every recruit that walks into the door as to why they joined KSI and is part of the reason COVID-19. KSI members are also being affected in personal methods such as going out on a day to day basis, education, and visiting families. For example, KSI Synical states, “[The] UK is going into lockdown on Friday, with Army and Police being stationed on every street in every city apparently, as the public can go out for 3 reasons. Walking the dog, Shopping, and Emergencies.” In the United States, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is recommending a 10ft plus standing distance between you and other people as well as no gatherings above 5-10 people. Some people are seeing a different impact, while not considered to be “awesome” but because of other reasons. Gas in New York according to KSI BlueWolf is $2.22 while it usually never drops below $3.50. Some have been able to spend time with family since they have had the ability to work from home. KSI has quite a bit of First responders, hospital workers, and medical professionals who are required to go into work and put themselves out there to help others. These people are doing it for many reasons but procedures have changed. Hospitals are putting tents out and first responders take extra precautions if COVD-19 is suspected. Again we go back to KSI Titan 7 who is a Fireman, "As of now, the only way it’s impacted us is changing in protocols when running calls for possible COVID patients." While this disease has been going around KSI maybe benefiting in the increase and activity of members but we must remember that this is serious. Some have contracted COVID-19, some are losing their jobs, and some might be facing lockdowns. We as a community must make an effort to check in on each other even if you don’t take this seriously, we must make sure we get together, we must make sure that we don’t judge anyone varying on how they feel about this, and we must make sure this all about gamers for gamers.
  18. iCastiel

    So easy getting back on this site

    Anonymouse is Leeegion lol
  19. New Blue

    So easy getting back on this site

    This thread cracks me up lmao. Mr. Anonymous, I hope you have a good day.
  20. Anatomy <3

    So easy getting back on this site

    I spent several hundred hours on these forums so consider me liked a ghost of what once was :p I don’t hate the forums by any means hun And as much as I like reading your nonsense please understand your statements make you out to be an absolute fool who doesn’t know anything lol you’re preaching to about 5 people max on these pages about **** that doesn’t even matter anymore. Go bother Cory instead, I’m sure they’d feed into the attention you seek
  21. Nex Addo

    Meet a Board Member: KSI Ronald7

    Additions, subtractions, and much more have been words the KSI Board is all too familiar with in the past month. The fact is KSI could use to learn more about each member of the board and that exactly is what this article series will be all about. Interviewing each board member, as we learn about their plans, their self, and thoughts. With each article, we hope to shine some light on exactly who these people are and more. Allowing each member of KSI to make their own feelings. Our second interview will be with KSI Ronald 7. *** Nex Addo: Tell us a little about you… Ronald: Ugh, this is the worse part of these things lol. My name is Aaron, I'm 34 (35 in June), Married with one awesome 10-year-old girl. My family has been in the office furniture installation business since 93' and I plan to take it even further. I4 enjoy all types of games, but also the outdoors; Kayaking, Camping, fishing, etc. At the moment we have a small farm with Chickens and a nice Garden, but the wife and I would like to own some land one day and become as self-sufficient as possible. Nex Addo: What do you do on the board and what is your title? Ronald: I am an Elected Position, so I don't actually have a title. Nex Addo: Ok so as an elected position what exactly do they do? Ronald: Nothing too different than the other members to be honest. Someone in a Leadership position: Operations, Web Ops Director, Clan Ops Director, are automatically on the board. There are 3 Board Elected Positions in order to round out along with Divisional Representatives. Nex Addo: What are your plans for KSI as a whole while you’re on the board and what do you want to see from KSI as a whole working together? Ronald: I want to make sure that we keep things constantly moving forward by having short term goals that we can easily hit to keep our motivation and morale as a whole up, all while working towards our long term goals. We also want the community to feel like their input is being considered and are being heard, which will bring a sense of unity to the community….I want to get us all working together again, from Privates all the way up to Owners. I know we have multiple Divisions on different platforms, as well as different departments, and as we grow those will grow as well. My goal is to make sure that even though we may be separated by our choice of gaming platform, we are all still part of the same community and can continue to work together to bring KSI back to its full potential. Nex Addo: What is one thing you think you think is a barrier that the board needs to focus on to move forward and how can it be resolved? Ronald: All of us started as Privates at one point and even though we have worked our way up the latter, we need to maintain that relationship with the rest of the member base. I feel we need to blur that line between Leader/officer/member. Not only do we need to feel we are working together but, if we want the member base to feel comfortable coming to us with ideas, issues or commendation, they need to feel like they are part of the team and not just another number in our ranks doing our bidding. Nex Addo: What is some advice for those who want to be to be on the board as well? Ronald: Keep an open mind, but maintain your morals. You can disagree with someone's idea but still see things from their point of view. Always think that your actions can and will affect more than just yourself. Think long term instead of just what is right in front of you. Maintain a cool head, never make rash decisions based on emotions. If you ever feel yourself losing control, be honest with yourself and others. Adjuring a meeting to another day so everyone can collect their thoughts and cool their heads will always be better than making a decision that can ultimately affect everyone. Have one or two people you can confide in personally or that you are fine with taking constructive criticism from. These people will be your foundation. They can help bring you back down to earth, right you when you are in the wrong or lift you up when you bring something good to the table or are just down
  22. GodsCelts

    So easy getting back on this site

    i wouldn't be here if KSI was thriving now would i and its a shame your to focused on the forums and not KSI as a whole and your numbers shows this webpage should be bumbin this was once a great place this was our hub and now it's a ghost town
  23. KSI BIG JOHN 7

    So easy getting back on this site

    @Anatomy <3 if you don’t like the forums why do you keep on getting on it.. lol
  24. GodsCelts

    So easy getting back on this site

    only person being hostile here is you this just shows if one member act's this way they all act this way if i really wanted to stay i could use vpn and bounce my ip to anywhere i wanted to and calling my local internet provider with an ip change
  25. Mizz Airy


    Your appeal is under consideration as of now. KSI Viking and KSI WHITEWOLF will be presiding and may proceed with the case.
  26. iCastiel

    So easy getting back on this site

    Best advice, before I feed your trolling any more. Just remove yourself mmk? If you really want I could teach some how to block even the banned from accidentally being able to join again through change of browser. 😉 SCRIPT kiddo or not.
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