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  2. Do u all have a mobile division
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    Black T Shirt

    From $18.00

  5. K.S.I. Is Recruiting
    Hello Everyone!

    KSI (Knowledge, Strength, Integrity) is a large Gaming community that has been around for many years.
    We are on all platforms and are actively recruiting.

    Play all aspects of the game, Crucible, RAIDS, Story ect.

    Have people that will work with you to get your characters up to date, teach raids, carry your through crucible and more! We are here to have fun, be laid back and just enjoy gaming in General!

    Only a Few Requirements to join:
    - Be at least 16
    - Be on Discord (If you're not, we have an education department that can teach you how to use it)
    - Have a Microphone
    - Not be a part of another Clan
    - Have Fun

    So if you're Interested, please get with me and we'll have one of our officers get you squared away!!
    I look forward to hearing from you and we look forward to playing with you!

    PSN: KSI_ElitistDeath
    Discord: KSI ElitistDeath (A-LT)#9271

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  7. KSI Riverrzz 7

    KSI Security X Awards Request

    1 and 6 have been awarded, waiting on proof for 2-5. Topic not closed.
  8. Well Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there! If you cant be home for your loved ones make sure to give them a call/video chat!

  9. ArcaneGlitter19

    2019 Pre-Season - Blackout Cup (Jun 21st)

    team name ABC Player 1 ArcaneGlitter19. player2 CobRA WaRiOR
  10. NotSynical EU

    2019 Pre-Season - Blackout Cup (Jun 21st)

    Team Name: The Synical Hippocryte Player 1- NotSynicalEU Player 2- Hippocryte
  11. KSI Heroiism 7

    T&E Department Staff

    Last Updated: 06/15/19 Members of the Department: Community Manager - KSI Rivers 7 Dept. Lead - KSI Heroiism 7 Dept. Co-Lead - TBA Head Referee - TBA Support Staff (PS4) - KSI DRAMAMAMA 7 Event Coordinator (PS4) - KSI 7th Seraph Referee (PS4) - KSI FALL3N Referee (XB1) - KSI x DaniWolf Referee (XB1) - KSI x Falcons Referee (XB1) - KSI xTITANx 7 Referee (XB1) - KSI SynicalEU Referee (XB1) - KSI TACOS 1
  12. KSI Heroiism 7

    T&E Meeting Notes

    Hosted By: KSI Heroiism 7 Time: 6pm ET Date: 06/11/19 Attendance: KSI Heroiism 7 KSI x Falcons KSI x DaniWolf KSI xTITANx 7 KSI SynicalEU Discussed: spoke about blackout tournament - gathered feedback from members upset with no reffing staff, but fixed the type of lobby being held and rules to the tournament. spoke about implementing a brand new management system to Events & Tournaments. spoke about implementing monthly meetings with team to discuss tournaments and feedback from members together. spoke about the June/July event calendar and how we will add on to that calendar for future events - posting registrations on forums so its archived/documented for future purposes.
  13. KSIxSchizo

    2019 Pre-Season - Blackout Cup (Jun 21st)

    Team name: Schizophrenic Mexicans Player 1- KSIxSchizo Player 2- KSI MexicanMS
  14. KSI x Falcons

    2019 Pre-Season - Blackout Cup (Jun 21st)

    Team name: The Boov’s Player 1- KSI x Falcons Player 2- KSI x DaniWolf
  15. KSI Heroiism 7

    2019 Pre-Season - Blackout Cup (Jun 21st)

    What is the Classic Blackout Games? In a nutshell, this is an OPEN PLAY event variant in which teams compete to be the last one standing in a round of matches. How does Blackout work? A lobby is hosted with 6 (2 man-teams), each team has the opportunity to play other in the lobby to win the game, basically become the last team standing. How does the variant work? What we will be doing is hosting (separate) lobbies that will allow more than multiple teams to register and play. There is no cap on how many teams register to expect if one team is left out of the rotation. Example: Stage 1: (First to TWO) Lobby 1 - Teams 1,2,3,4,5,6 Lobby 2 - Teams 7,8,9,10,12 Final: ( Best for 1) Lobby 1 - Winner from Lobby 1 and 2 Each lobby plays (To WIN TWO) meaning the first team to win two matches automatically advances to the next stage in the tournament. Teams that advance to the final stage play all winners from other lobbies and that is ONLY one game. Ideally, teams should have rosters to show who is playing on what team - MUST post on forums registration under the (Events & Tournament) section. Because this is an OPEN PLAY tournament, members DO NOT have to register subs, they can make last minute changes to their team throughout each round. (We only do this for this event to encourage other members within KSI to play). EVENT IS STRICTLY HELD FOR KSI MEMBERS ONLY. *Each event is separate therefore prizes might be included or not. If so the LAST team standing from the final lobby wins $20 ($10 each player). Winning players are those WHO PLAYED LAST AND FINAL match* FORMAT: Team Name: Player 1 - Player 2 - (reply below using the format above)
  16. KSI TACOS1

    Tournaments & Events Official Staff Applications

    Gamertag: KSI TACOS1 Squad/Division: Redemption / FA Rank: 2LT Position Requested: N/A Why do you want to be a part of T&E Staff? I would like to expand my efforts to do more in KSI. What can you bring to the T&E department? Leadership, creativity, communication Do you have an experience with Tournaments and/or events? (If so explain): I've Dabbled but a just barely Define Sportsmanship in your own words: Great behavior and demeanor with others while playing or completing your activity Define Team in your own words: a group of family members working together to solve a problem or win an event Do you understand that you will be required to host at least one event a month minimum? YES Have you read the T&E handbook? (See the link below) ABSOLUTELY
  17. You arent a true angler unless you get a treble in you lol... damn largemouth decided to thrash as im getting his hook out and set this in me! So glad its out!

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  19. God damn.. good butt day of fishing, didnt get pics of all the fish but definitely got a brute of a fish! Hell yeah! also south dakota didnt know what kind of weather it wanted so we dabbled in some rain/sleet/hail for like 10mins lol

  20. Hi guys I’m still here
  21. KSI Security X

    Favourite TV show of all time?

    Designated Survivor. Season 3 Just Released a few days ago on Netflix!!!! I had no clue
  22. KSI Security X

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    Rip. Hey sup man. How’s the fam?

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

  24. KSI Packers 7

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    Definitely not your son lol

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