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1.Fill out this form:

1. All Past and Present Gamertags:


2. Age:


3. Gender:


4. Where did you hear about KSI?


5. Have you taken the time to read over our Code of Conduct?


6. which Console do you play and which games do you prefer?


7. How many hours a week do you play?


8. Do you understand that KSI is a very large community and may require you to work with a large number of clanmates?


9. Are you able to respect female gamers that will be in leadership positions and remain level headed?


10. Are you aware that KSI has many extra curricular activities such as Leadership Programs, Graphic Design, Productions, and a News Team?

A. Do you plan on participating with any of them?


11. Have you been apart of any other clans? If so, Which ones?


12. Please explain in a couple sentences why you would like to join KSI:


13. Contact Information (NO PHONE NUMBERS)


14. Any extra comments:




2.Head over to this area: http://forums.ksiglobal.com/forum/122-join-ksi/


3. Create a topic, paste the completed form into a topic and post it



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This topic is now closed to further replies.