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KSI Rules and Regulations for Judges

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If you have been selected to be part of of this team, this means you were considered fair and trustworthy enough to make decisions that could affect both Clan Ops and Web Ops alike. What we do is provide a system where members who feel as if they were treated unfairly can come and be heard by a group of members who are not upper leadership. We provide a checks and balance system so that one person does not have all the power. This community was created by gamers for gamers and we will ensure it remains that way. 



Judges are  to hear out the Defendant and all witnesses. You are to ask as many questions as you need to so that you understand all evidence and testimonies presented. 

Once you have a clear understanding of the testimonies and evidence, you are to deliberate in private to come to a conclusion. There you will render your personal verdict. At this time you will recommend what action should be taken. 

The Chief Justice will then take all the recommendations from the judges and render a final verdict and action to be taken. 


Rules and Regulations:

Judges are to remain unbiased at all times. If you cannot, you must recuse yourself from the case. If you are caught being biased, you will be removed from the team. 

As a Judge you are not allowed to contact anyone involved with the case about the case. If a witness reaches out to you to present evidence because he/she wishes to remain anonymous:

  • It cannot be through voice chat, must be text.
  • You must screenshot your conversation with the witness and post in the deliberation topic. 

This is to document the conversation and evidence to ensure integrity of the case. Witnesses are NOT allowed to stay anonymous from judges. If a judge exposes an anonymous witness, he/she will be removed from the team. 

Judges are not allowed to argue with the defendant or witnesses. He/She must keep a cool head and conduct themselves professionally. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to recuse yourself from the case.



The Chief Justice can remove you from a case at anytime. 

The Chief Justice makes the final decision on all cases.

You can only be a judge at the rank of Founder or Below. This is to make sure the executioners are not the judges too.

To be a judge is to be an independent voice. We encourage you to debate and come to the best conclusion. We want to see an actual conversation. If you are constantly just agreeing with everyone else and not contributing to the debate, you will be asked to leave the team. 

Everything you do in KSI affects your status as a judge. This is a hybrid position which affects both Clan Ops and Web Ops. This means that breaking a rule in either area will result in our firing. 

All judges are held to a standard higher than any KSI member. Therefore by joining the team, you agree to all the rules above and understand the consequences of breaking them.


KSI Kynigos 

Chief Justice


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