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Welcome to the Courts! Rules and Regulations For Members

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Welcome to the Courts! Here you will have the opportunity to appeal your DnH or Blacklist. The courts are made up by a Chief Justice along with 4 judges made up by fellow members of the community. We 5 uphold a system of checks and balance within the community. Below you will find everything you need to know about interacting with the KSI Court system.


Member Rules and Regulations

If you feel you were falsely accused of a of a wrong doing in KSI, you are allowed to ONE appeal per offense. With this appeal you will present all your evidence and witnesses. KSI Judges are not responsible for finding your witnesses, it is your job to make them come on the forums to post. You have 48 to start presenting evidence and witnesses or the case will be put on hold for 14 days.

Witnesses who wish to remain anonymous can contact one of the judges through text only and provide them with evidence. The evidence and screenshot will then be posted int he deliberation room. You cannot remain anonymous from any of the judges. 

During the trial, you are not allowed to argue with any of the judges, leaders or witnesses. Doing so will result in an automatic denial and case closed permanently. Members are not allowed to post in the case unless you are somehow directly connected to it. Posting to give your personal opinion will result in a 48 hour post moderation. This means for 48 hours you are not allowed to post without a moderator approving the post.

Never disclose a member's personal life, doing so will result in severe consequences. 

Every member is responsible for what he/she says in the courts. If you are caught lying, we will report you to the appropriate senior leader for punishment. 


Leader Rules and Regulations

KSI Leaders from both Web Ops and Clan Ops are not allowed to come to the courts try and overrule the court system. In this area all members involved are equal and must obey all rules. Only if you are directly involved with the case, are you allowed to post. 

We will ask you for all evidence and testimonies used against the appealing member. Failure to produce will most likely result in the appealing member winning his/her appeal. 

In order for the Checks and Balance system to work, leaders in both Clan ops and Web ops must be active in court cases where he/she is directly involved with. 

Leaders are allowed to reach out to the Chief Justice to request a case be shut down. Very serious reasons and evidence must be provided in order to convince the courts to agree to your request. 



Deliberation will begin once the Chief Justice has heard enough. The judges will then go to the deliberation room and discuss the case. Allow up to 24 hours for a decision to be made. 

After this, the Chief Justice will deliver the final verdict and the trial will end. 


KSI Kynigos

Chief Justice


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