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KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

KSI Merchandise Poll

Would you rock some KSI Merch?!  

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Good Morning and Afternoon to all!

                I am running a quick poll on KSI Merch. I took a look at our store and it is honestly a little wanting.  I am working on designing some new shirts, hats ect. I am also looking into a company that will sell them for us. This company also only prints them as they are ordered so KSI doesn't have to front the money in order to purchase bulk ahead of time. Also, this will go to help KSI maintain their website and also any future endeavors for the Clan. But most importantly, it'll allow us to to promote our love for this great clan and family.


    So, if you could all please just click a YES or No on the Poll, this will help me push this through to the Board for approval.  Thanks All! 

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