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KSI Gaming Corner on the KSI Website

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      As you may know we have member's on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One as well as people like myself who just do Forum's stuff. KSI is a gaming community and as a community it will be great if everyone had a place to play together instead of being limited to playing with members on only your console. I was thinking on how i could play with people without playing on a console then it came to me; Games on the website would be great. I suggest we add a KSI Game Corner on the website. I was thinking it could be located on a tab up by the store on the website at the top. I've been looking at tutorials on how this could be down and discovered a free way on https://www.wikihow.com/Add-Fun-Games-to-Your-Web-Site-for-Free

     I would also suggest we select games that have a scoreboard integrated on it so that we can inspire a competitive environment on it. Solo games as well as co-op games would be a great idea to help with the community playing together. I also suggest that the game tab be open to people with Verified Forums accounts only. With a gaming corner on the website for Verified members on the forums i really think it would give the Members(<--Gamers) a reason to visit the forums besides doing meeting note or game night attendance.

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nothing specific, one thing i would say is def some type of online game that you can play co-op online with the other members. maybe some rpg games. the link i provided has a list of sites that has games that can be used on ur own sites. i would suggest looking at the sites and coming up with a list. then run a pole on the main site that has a link to each game and have the community vote on wich games they want

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