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So can we have the VIP membership tie with anything on discord. Example: VIP role, VIP Chat room Different colour or just anything that would make people buy it. This is just an idea you guys can think of other things that can allow you to be different on discord. I know everything should be organized on discord but forcing everyone to have one colour on their discord username is overdoing it in some way or just have the VIP members allowed to change it to a certain colour that is not currently being used like black, white or pink.

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I think the whole ipb forums has a application where you can install the arcade as well to it. I am not sure if they launched it for versions 4.2x or higher but when they do that should be a VIP exclusive. Where there will be a scoreboard and etc. 


Just a thought...

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I'll raise the idea with the rest of the Admin team and see if this is something we can do. The VIP Role is an automated thing, so Discord would have to be manual. Not quite sure how we'll do that. But its certainly an idea I'm not opposed to. 

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