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My name is Vengeance, y’all can call me V. I come from Rapture Gaming, and I heard some of rG’s members saying they came from KSI, so I came over here to check y’all out. Unfortunately, I don’t have a console anymore, and I just have a PC. Two weeks ago my graphics card took a dunk, so I’m saving up for a new one. I mostly play Red Dead Online and GTAV. I saw y’all have a PC Division, but I don’t really know what games everyone plays on PC. 

Am I eligible for membership? Or do I need to stand by until I get my new GFX card? 

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Hey man very long story short we don't have PC div anymore. we might have one at some point in the future. Additionally, there is a No Multi-Clanning policy. If you have members of your community that are ALSO in KSI, please let me know about them. My discord tag is KSI New Blue#5555

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