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Mike Sanders

Forum Guidelines

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For those who need some help in all. This was made to help assist you to give you a better Idea in where topics should go. This is to help assist you in give you an idea of where things are in the forums and all.




1. Gamer intro Zone:: For application process only.

2. General: It is where everyone can talk about a topic and contribute.

3. Spam Area: if it is a topic that just has no real point a shout out it goes there.

4. Challenge area: For you to make challenges with other Division's or Clans

5. Halo 2 training camp: If you need help with an area of the game this is where to go to ask for help

6. Award area: This is just a personal Thread for you to tell everyone of your achivements that you recieve.

7. Records Area: This is where you can place the records of your Game for everyoen to see.

8. Member Assistant Area: This is where you ask for hlp with general stuff for what ever it maybe.


9. News Area:


This Where you have forums News your own personal News this is for like gamer reviews and other genersl News in the Gaming world.


10. Tournament Area:


This Is where all the information and registration is for Torunaments in KSI. And where informtion is put abotu MLG events and other general Tournament info.


11. Then you have the Squad Section:


This is where every division has there own forum section for division's to communicate. This is where you post if you are talkign about a spefic division in there forum section.


12. Graphics Area: This is where you have the design team Area.


This is where you do sig request and much more. This is for Forum banners user bars and much more. We have our Production team in this section if you are interested go check it out.


13. Site Central Command:


This is where you note errors or want to REQUEST a NAME CHANGE


14. Human Resource:


This is where we have our Open Door Policy Section, and the KSI Court System.


This Is meant to assist you in give you an idea where topic Belong.






OK, Since some people is Spamming the forums all over, this are the rules for this atttitude:


1.- Before Posting Think Very good what section of the forums you want your message in, if youre not sure of that you have two options: 1) Dont post until you're sure, 2) Ask a member of the moderating team.


2.- DONT go posting the same topic in every division, is annoying and it doesnt get your point across, its confusing for everybody, and its not a joke, to call yourself the "Spamming King"


3.- If you post all over the forums, two things are going to happend: 1) Your posts will be eliminated by the moderating team, 2) You'll get an AUTOMATIC 72 HOURS SUSPENSION from the forums.


4.- If you insist on doing this again, you will be permanently blocked from the forums.


So again, think before posting.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.