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A great day.

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Today I did something I haven't done all week long (I've been on vacation). I got up early (HEY! 9:30 is early okay!), got on my motorcycle and went for a nice ride. I just got home here around 12:30. So I spent about 3 hours on the bike, and I have to say I really enjoyed being away from the 360 all morning. It was a great feeling just taking a break from the busy and the "OMG U n00b! I powned you!" chatter. (Who taught these kids how to talk?) I'm in a great mood today and just thought I'd share how I got there.

To inspire you to get out and do something you love (OTHER THAN GAMING), here's and image of my motorcycle. Go outside, enjoy the warm weather (if it's not raining :P) and I'll see you online when you get back!

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no ! he just felt like putting a pic of min eup there lol





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This topic is now closed to further replies.