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Sumidor P71

Looking for a little assistance

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I'm looking to restart one of my old design websites (I don't design, I administer/build... but I have had much success in the past with a team of designers). I went through a spot of trouble back then and in my rage, deleted the domain from my account (:(). However, I've matured since then and have much control over my emotions.


What I am looking for is someone with an extra $7.15 (exactly) to buy the domain for me. In return, you get complete administrative access to the website (including your own personal FTP account to the site), a large say in how things are operated on the site, and more (unsure as to what "more" could be, but I'm open to suggestions). Also, the domain would stay under your personal account on GoDaddy.com (domain registrar), so if you feel the need or want to pull the plug, you can do so immediately.


I already have my own hosting account with Jumpline.com, which is good until February of next year (which will most likely be renewed then, unless a cheaper alternative presents itself), that I would be hosting the files on. The domain's nameservers would be changed to point to Jumpline so the site would work; but you would still have the master switch under your fingertips.


If anyone is interested, or if anyone has questions, please let me know. I would prefer to talk on MSN ([email protected]) as opposed to here, but either is fine.


Thank you,


Chris C. [sumi]

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This topic is now closed to further replies.