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MC DarkeR


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All Past and Present Gamertags: Present GamertagMC DarkeR) Past Gamertags(TbM dArK3r656, AKS xGODx, AKS Blackdragon, RaveColdKiller, Darker PR, DCK Darker, HereticNevada, DarkerEarth) Most of those gamertags were from 2 months in Halo 2 =D.


Age: 15


Gender: Male


Did you read and do you agree to uphold the KSI Code?: Yes I have.


How did you hear about KSI?: From when I was playing Unreal Tournament and then again in Halo 2. I was one of those kids that always respected KSI, never dissed them in Matchmaking games.


What squad are you interested in and why?: A squad that has alot of activities and that I can get along great with the members. Also if they play MLG it would be a bonus.

What games do you play regularly (On any Platform)?: Halo 3, Call of Duty 4(Xbox 360), GTA IV and Halo 2.


When do you plan to upgrade to an XBOX 360?: Already have it.


Can you accept the fact that KSI is a very structured clan, requires the ability to work with over 100+ team-mates, be able to respect female gamers in leadership positions, and always stay level headed?: Yes, I have no problem with that.


How many hours per week do you play?: atleast 2+ hours a day. But when school starts, I mostly play an hour at night.


Past Clans?: Mostly some machimina clans: Cyclone Cinema, Mystery Productions, etc.... AKS, KSI Squad in H2. It had something to do with IceCold.


Have you ever been in a KSI squad or blacklisted from a KSI squad?: Yeah, it was Icecold something. It disbanded I think because everybody was booted out of the clan.


If Blacklisted what was the reason? -


Do you have a history of cheating? (Modding in custom games is excluded)

(NOTE: Does not bar you from joining. Length of time since last unethical action considered): Used to mod in campaing on H2.


Other Contact Info (AIM/Yahoo/MSN/email) ?: AIM: xxdarkerxx MSN: [email protected]


Any extra comments?: Well besides gaming, I have other skills. I am skilled in coding and playing a guitar. I also love taking pictures and editing videos. My dream is to become a photographer and a video editor XD. I also love playing MLG and any kind of RPG or MMORPG like WoW(getting it pretty soon). If the squad I get into(if I get accepted) goes to any MLG events in the future., I would gladly represent them since I am hopefully going to all of '09 events. Either by competing or wearing a KSI t-shirt and standing in front of the cameras =D. That's about it, thank you for reading this and have a good day =).

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I know this forum is for past KSI members, since I used to be one. Not well known, but was one nonetheless. I just thought I could put an application to join KSI again. Since I miss it, but if this goes somewhere else then someone please move it to the correct forum section XD.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.