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KSI Jaded Clown


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Ok i meet this huy his gamer tag is WISP WOLF and he clames to be a grat co-founder that has roken records and such dose any one kno whoo he is and is he what he says he is i wana know becuase hes takeing my cpls and pvts and puting them into is hnored roge clan (thar reps KSI he says) plz help e find out who this guy is but i dont see how he cold rep us cuz he dosent even have a KSI tag idk help me pll


a more clear explimation



hes taken members from me but he says hes a ligit roge KSI clan wich sounds like BULL and he says hes a co-founder so he has power over me just dosent have a KSI clan tag BULL also i was just wondering if any one knew him from any experiences like this or if hes on the DNH list


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I know of him he is the XF co div from what ive hearD?



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This topic is now closed to further replies.