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-==== A new exploit running around in halo 3 ====-



Today it was brought to my attention that a new exploit/cheat was running

around in halo 3 , a very simple one yes but very affective to those whom are not aware of the presence of it.

Simply a screenshot overloaded with modified content {modded} is sent to

the victim and when he/she opens it , it will freeze the 360 and force a

Restarting of the system.


The usual process for using this exploit is as follows..

1. The attacker sends the exploit after matching with you in a ranked game

2. When u open the screenshot ure xbox freezes and you "lag out"

Simply do not accept screenshots from anyone that you do not know ecspecially before a ranked game on halo 3


Further more on a note please understand that the screenshots that are being spread are not to be taken lightly they can cause a severe number of effects including system malfunction {permanently} or software/operating system malfunction


This info is brought to you from acezero





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This topic is now closed to further replies.