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Tribute to the fallen

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Heres a tribute to those who have past away,

You'll never be forgotten, never casted away.

And even though we wish you were here,

to comfort to dry our tears.

We are forced to mourn and

remember the memories of yesteryear.

And now more then ever,

if we could see you we would,

build a ladder to heaven if only we could.

And even though it makes me cry,

I sit here forced to realize,

its a part of life I can't change,

no matter how hard I try.

And this is written in your name,

may it never be used in vain.

Parents, kids, family, friends,

doesnt matter it all hurts the same.

But even though it seems like it,

that hurt you feel will pass oneday.

Because again you shall see,

that loved one, someday.

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