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America needs to know who their candidates are

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You really have to commend our troops. They are really brave and couragious individuals. My point now is that their sacrifices may be in vein. Talks of deploying from Iraq have been debated on by both parties. Obama speaks of withdrawing from Iraq under a time scheme in which he has spoke of time and time again. When we withdraw our troops and Al Quada and Iran gain Iraqi territory and turn Iraqs oil fields and cities into remote desolate wastelands, What do we do now? Obama would then proceed to admit "We would go back in,". Hmm... On the other hand, McCain has no time table for his withdrawal from Iraq, but instead we would ,"continue to win,". that bothers me that we can still stay there and have our friends, family, leaders, and inncocent people die everyday in the line of duty for a cause that there is no certian victory. If we stay there we will continue to lose Good Men and Women and still not complete objectives.


This means we would need to take nessesary action on Iran to shut them down. However, suppose we do that. that would set the entire middle east into an uproar and would hate us more than they already do. If we Allied with Russia and other "Nuclear Nations" and put pressure on Iran then maybe we could gain th eupper hand and have them hault their uranium and plutonium enrichment programs.


The president we choose next will decide the fate of millions of people WORLD WIDE.


get the facts and vote!



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This topic is now closed to further replies.