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Nothing as good

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Nothing feels right now that you aren't here

Somedays i sit and wish i could disappear

Be right where you are and be there with you

Hold you close till the day gets clearer boo

I can't stand going to sleep with you not there

Taste of your skin or smell of your hair

I should have never let go and let you leave

Cuz without you here girl i can't breathe

Nothing seems right cuz you still aren't here

Wish someone could make this clear

There was no reason for you to leave

Without you here babe i can't see

Seems like the clearest days our clouded

And there's nothing i can do about it

I want you more than a memory girl

Someone everday that i can see girl

I got ya pictures but that won't do

It's doesn't make up for missin you

Can't seem to get you outta my mind

Wish i could go back, just press rewind

Go back to the day when you weren't sick

Where we didn't have to deal with this

Cuz now that you got sick and had to go girl

I can't believe how much it impacted my world

Nothing seems right as i sit here tonight

I feel like i'm about to break down and cry

Can't see you and it's killin me babe

Let's go back and start a clean slate

I don't think you deserve to go

God just needs to learn to let go

He's in need of an angel and he needs you

Why is that he's gotta take my boo?

If you leave this world i'll see you again

And we can live again, with things different

So don't go to sleep, cuz i won't let you

Cuz if you die girl, i'll be dying too

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Thats amazing work. It gave me chills. And I'm sorry man. :(

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oH my gOd! I neEd tO stOp reAdinG ur PoeMs..bUt it's like i'M so adDicTed tO LOVE pOemS. =[

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