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KSI GlassPrison

Issue making account on KSIGlobal.com

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When I try to register on global it always says my user name is invalid. This I can't seem to understand cause it does this no matter what I type in, I've tried "KSI GlassPrison" "KSI_GlassPrison" "KSI Glass" "Glass" "Andy123" and nothing works, I always get the same message. I've used different emails and tried everything I can think of. This has happened for some time now and I'd just really like to know why or how to fix it. I even tested to make sure "KSI GlassPrison" or my email wasn't taken by using the "forgot password" button. It always says "That username/email address was not found in database." I did try emailing the webmaster, just never got a response back, but that was awhile ago.



Possibly relevant information:


running newest version of Firefox

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