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Griffey Traded

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Griffey Traded

Although it is not official until the commissioner approves the trade, the Cincinnati Reds have agreed to trade longtime veteran Ken Griffey Jr. Griffey ranks sixth on the all-time homeruns list with 609 homeruns. This season he is batting slightly below average at .245 with 53 runs batted in and 15 homeruns. Many people will find this as a suprising trade, I am one of them. The 20-year veteran had rights to deny any trade that involved him, but he chose to accept this trade.

The left handed slugger will go to the Chicago White Sox in exchange for Second Baseman Danny Richar, and pitcher Nick Masset. This trade will free up a lot of cap room for the Reds who will be getting rid of a $15 contract, in exchange for a minor leaguer and a low salary pitcher.

Nick Masset is a 26 year old right-handed pitcher who has a 4.63 ERA in 32 relief appearances this season. He has only pitched 59 total games with the White Sox since he was acquired from the Rangers in a trade last season. As a player it must be hard to have to move around all the time.

Danny Richar a minor league second baseman is batting .262 in 62 games in Triple-A with 39 runs batted in and nine homeruns. He hit .230 with 15 runs batted in and six homeruns in 56 games last year in his rookie year in the majors. Danny Could provide the spark the reds could use in the future.

Some people wonder why the Reds would trade their star outfielder, and the main person people come to see play when they go to a reds game. This is all probably a decision to create cap room for the upcoming free agent scurry. The Reds (51-58) sit at third of six teams in their division out 13.5 games. The chance of the Reds making the postseason is slim to none. Now they will get a chance to draft a good college player, and sign a new star free agent or a couple average players for the 09 season.

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Yea well mainly the reds did this just to get some caproom. Griffey will be tearing up the pitchers for the white sox though, and if not they still have Thome, Konerko, Dye, Swisher, Crede, the list goes on that team is stacked.

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2008 NL MVP - ?CHASE UTLEY ???

Cole Hamels

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Victorino is hitting .350 since july 1st

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