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the Jummy

A Story.

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I wrote these stories back in tCo and my characters were based on tCo's member list; The story line itself is based of the Infection gametype from Halo 3. I am not saying this is the best content but a read to pass time, eh?


Chapter 1





Distant explosions rocked the mind of Jummy as he started regaining consciousness. But finally it was the static noise of his comm. that brought him to his full senses. He was laying face down not three feet from the burning skeleton of his Warthog, smelling the faint odor of burnt flesh through the ports of his C.Q.B. suit. As he struggled to get up, he tried to recall what had happened. There was the scream of a staff personnel member, and the roaring engine of a Warthog as it smashed into the Gas Container next to the Northern gate. The wave from the explosion had thrown his Warthog back and in the process; throwing his body from the vehicle and making a foot deep crater where he had landed.


As he started running his armor system diagnostic, he opened his squad comm. channel, "Give me your status, squad?" He knelt down and retrieved his M90A shotgun, surprised to see the latches used to keep it attached to his armor had been ripped apart by the explosion. Finally the voice of Spartan-D85 broke through the white noise, "Private Ice is MIA, as well as the majority of the research staff.”


Jummy tried to locate his squad members on his radar, yet there was something wrong. ‘Interference? What is happening here?’ Behind the faceless helmet, Jummy’s face wrinkled with worry. “Spartan-D85, can you account for the remaining staff personnel?”


“Yes… sir, they’re dead.”


‘Jesus…’ He looked up, and noticed one of his Spartan’s check the vitals of a wounded squad member, and was thankful to see him drop his shoulders in relief.


“Spartan-D85, I want you to gather all remaining weapons and ammunition, and get my Spartans tactical ready. As of right now, we are weapons free until we figure out what we are dealing with.”


‘That’s just it though, what are we dealing with?’ Jummy had always been prepared for any situation or mission that had been given to him. But ever since he received the orders from HIGHCOMM to evacuate all personnel, it had been surrounded by mystery. Now he stared at what could have been mistaken for a battlefield from the War; acknowledging the fact that they were in for some chop. Just then the interference on his radar stopped, and all it picked up was the smoke & burning debris of the vehicles about him. He pinged his squad and 8 acknowledgement lights blinked on his heads up display; two was missing, Ice and Ashley. ‘Where ar…’


His thoughts were interrupted by the chime of an incoming HIGHCOMM transmission. He opened the channel and the dull voice of an A.I. ringed through, “Squad Leader-J21, the situation is critical! Comm. Base F3 has been overrun by hosts of the FX23AZ virus…” Jummy stiffened, “…Convoy; all survivors have been ordered to return to Base F2 and await further reinforcements. Base F2 had been fortified with hands-on equipment by remaining personnel, and weapons stored from the War have been available. Reinforcements will arrive 13h00.”


‘Two hours?’ Jummy’s movements became hasty, but yet accurate as he retrieved a BR55HB rifle from where it had been thrown from his Warthog. He clipped three grenades to his belt and started to open the channel to his squad… his motions was interrupted by the blattel of an assault rifle to his eastern position.


‘Status!’ He sprinted and leaped clear over the wrecked Warthog, raised his rifle and using his HUD to zoom on where the gunfire came from. He saw Spartan-X55 surrounded by … by… he didn’t know how to term the grotesque creatures surrounding him. One of the creatures took half a clip from the Spartan’s rifle and yet it still came running at him, raising his arm to strike.


Just then his HUD was filled with the red lights of his squad, contacts! He looked in time to see the wounded soldier from earlier be dragged away as the Spartan that was trying to aid him shoot at his attackers. Just then, another creature brandished a weapon awfully familiar to that of the Elite’s energy sword and charge attacked the Spartan. The Spartan side-stepped; narrowly missing the blade, hooked his hand around and slammed the butt of his rifle into the head of the creature. As it stumbled to the ground, the Spartan stepped back and emptied the remainder of his clip into its head, finally kicking the lifeless corpse to the ground.


Jummy ran up in time to put a three round burst, exploding the skull of another creature as it tried to flank the Spartan; hoping to kill the reloading killing machine.


“Thank you Jummy; so good of you to join.”


Jummy looked over the Spartan and by noticing the Hayabusa permutation, he recognized the Spartan as Sumidor. “How much ammo you have left, Sumi?”


“About two clips, not counting the two magazines I have for my trusty sidearm.” With a flick of his wrist, he twirled his M6G pistol around his fingers, checking to see the safety was off and then clipped it once more to his hip.


Jummy checked the horizon to see if Spartan-X55 was still present, but neither he nor the creatures were there. ‘Where did they go?’ What frustrated him more was why didn’t these… things appear of his radar? Maybe it was damaged in the explosion; he tossed the thoughts to the side and focused on the matter at hand.


He opened his squad channel, “Spartan-D85, I am relaying to you the orders sent from HIGHCOMM, you are to take the remaining survivors to Base F2. Hold position and await reinforcements…”


There was a pause as the Spartan listened to the transmission, “Sir, what about you?”


“Sumidor and I will be checking the status of Spartan-X55; probable location is Base F3…”


Sumidor looked up, “You’re joking?”


Jummy gave Sumidor an apologetic shrug, “D85, acknowledge that command.”


There was a moment’s pause, “Sir, yes sir.”


“Thank you, keep weapons up and ready. Whatever we are dealing with, they are fast and extremely dangerous.”


He closed the channel and looked over to Sumidor; he had crossed his arms and leaned his head to the side. “Me and you again on another suicide run? You did just witness what these things can do,” He nodded towards the corpses of the creatures, “We do not know what we are dealing, and even worse, Base F3 is completely infected.”


“Makes it just so much fun, doesn’t it?” Jummy shrugged, checking the ammo count on his weapons. “I have two Spartans missing, and I’m not going to sit around while they are unaccounted for.”


Sumidor sighed, apparent through the shaking of his head. He had always been so well at expressing sarcasm so well through the silent motions of his body language. He knelt by the body of the creature, ripping the weapon from hardened grip; Jummy could hear the bones breaking. “This might come in handy, want one?” He grabbed the weapon from the other creature and tossed the handle to Jummy. The squad leader snatched it out of the air, and with a twist of his finger activated the sword. A bright flash appeared, and he watched as an energy shield shaped itself into a sharp edged blade and became filled with the hot blue plasma which made the barer of the weapon something to be feared. Nodding approvingly, he deactivated the blade and clipped it to his hip.




Sumidor nodded and they both started jogging towards the base where Jummy hoped his Spartans where, and where he hoped they were still alive.


To be continue.






Chapter 2



-- Fifteen years ago --


The room was seemed pale and cold; Storm couldn’t decide whether it was the lighting causing the effect, of the stress of the situation. He had served in the Marine Corps for only one year when his Sergeant referred him to the newest extension of the UNSC military. Granted, the Spartan program had been around for years, but now anyone; with the right qualifications that is, could join.


Storm remembered the day when Lord Hood’s made his infamous radio message announcing the victory the human race had; we actually defeated the Covenant. Storm recalled the feeling of contempt, he should have been happy, but he was enraged that he wouldn’t be able to avenge the deaths of his parents. The Covenant had mercilessly glassed the planet of Draco III while Storm watched from the evacuation pod; he witnessed millions perish, more importantly his parents.


As soon as reached the age of 17, he joined the Corp; and within months he became renowned in his squad for his zeal, skill and efficiency. The sergeant had warned him many times that the fiery determination would one day kill him, that Storm would toss aside the loyalty to his team for the chance to fulfill his vendetta against the Covenant. ‘What does he know, **** ‘im!’ It was probably that type of attitude; keeping to himself that got him thrown into this new sector; becoming a Spartan.


But now, first time in his life he became worried. He heard the stories of the original Spartan candidates not making it through the processing step; augmentation. But what was the point? With the Covenant gone, there is no need for a Spartan in these times. But Storm left that type of thinking for the higher ups; he was just a man that knows how to kill another man ten times over.


“This is bs; I get a special recommendation because I can shoot a gun better than most, and now I have to sit in this room for a half-day.” His thoughts interrupted, Storm looked over to the source of the voice, noticing a familiar face. He recalled the guy from his training camp, called himself Jummy; the Hell type of name is that anyways. “So serious, and such a strong face. Your woman break up with you or you just another pissed off at the world type of guy.”


Storm stared at him.


“It’s the woman, huh?” Jummy laughed. “Yea, what can you do, some woman just aren’t cut out for military men.” He extended his hand, “Anyways, the name is Jummy, but if you’d like you can call me the Jummy.” He released a smirk at the mention of his latter name.


Storm shook his hand, feeling the squeeze of Jummy’s hand, he squeezed back… hard. “Storm, you can call me Storm.” Jummy smiled, “Good name, heard about you. Actually, I saw the man you almost near killed in training camp.” Storm recalled the day his Sergeant wrestled him off the man who thought it be amusing to laugh at the deaths of his parents. “He had it coming.”


Jummy shrugged, “Don’t they all.”


The release of an airlock grabbed their attention, and they both stood and looked at the new comer. Upon noticing the metal work on his vest, Storm and Jummy snapped to attention. The Brigadier called their names, they nodded, and then he led them into the room. In the next months, they were pushed to their very limits, thrown through training that could have killed a lesser man, making them into what many men could never claim to be; a Spartan.


For what?


-- Present --


‘For what? If only that was the situation still…’


His radio crackled “D85, acknowledge that command.” Storm hated the fact he had to split up with his squad leader; his friend, but he had to follow the command. “Sir, yes sir.”


“Thank you, keep weapons up and ready. Whatever we are dealing with, they are fast and extremely dangerous.” Storm pondered at why his squad leader thanked him on the squad channel, but he tossed the thought aside; turning to the squad. “You heard him Spartans, get tactical ready and retrieve any ammo that can be found from the wreckage.”


He looked at the corpse of the creature that had earlier appeared out of nowhere; killing the last remaining staff personnel. If it wasn’t the scream of the personnel, it was definitely the sizzle of the burning flesh as it made contact with the searing hot blade that got the Spartans attention. Every one of them put a full clip of their assault rifle into the thing; not out of fear, but just the fact they wanted it down; and out. Storm knew though, at this rate their ammo would be depleted if they were constantly going to be attacked.


Viewing the layout of the terrain on his heads up display, he decided sticking to the eastern cliff edge would be best. It would minimize any chances of an attack from their flank, and the open field would literally cut any chances of an ambush. He relayed the coordinates to the squad and received seven acknowledgements. It felt odd not seeing Ashley and Ice respond to the orders, had their never been a problem of this magnitude before. He heard gunfire to the north and suspected Jummy and the contracted Spartan had made contact with another creature. Across the open field, he heard the audible guttural roar of the creature as it fell.


“Let’s move, Spartans.” As one, the eight of them ventured to the eastern ridge and kept an open eye on the Silo as they passed it. “Z69, move forward to the cropping on that hill and give us a view on the plain as we make our approach to the base.” He received the blue acknowledgement light and watched Shadowspawn sprint ahead and found a good position in the rocks; using the tree as cover. Z69’s red light appeared on Storm’s HUD twice, “Sir, I have contacts.”


“How many?”


“Seven, moving northwards towards Base F2, they are on the far western edge of the field, sir.” ‘****.’ “Spartans, we need to move faster, Z69, is the eastern entrance to the base clear?”


“Negative sir, it has been blockaded by several crates and other equipment.”


“Alright, I want you to equip your M99 rifle and make sure none of those cre…” Storm was interrupted by two cracks of Z69’s sniper rifle. “Step ahead of you sir, two contacts down at main entrance.”


“Acknowledged that Z69, maintain position while we enter the base.” Storm gave the signal for double time and the Spartans quickened the pace. He paused at the entrance and the Spartans entered the electric shield that protected the main entrance. “Z69, stick to your post and keep us updated on any activity outside of the base. He regretted the command, but he couldn’t depend on his radar as it failed to detect the creature that killed the personnel. Storm wanted to be sympathetic but the emotion never came. He turned towards the entrance of the base and walked up the ramp.


Just then a faint whisper appeared on his radar, right behind him. He snapped around and saw the creature, arm raised back and ready to slash at him with its weapon. Storm raised his weapon in an attempt to deflect the blow, but the blade sliced through the stock of the weapon and the two halves fell out of Storm’s hands as the creature shoved him to the ground. Storm extended his leg and caught the creature’s chest with his foot; crushing its ribcage with the audible noise of bones breaking. The creature roared, and grabbed Storm’s leg; heaving him over its shoulder. Storm shifted his weight in the air and landed on his feet; astonished that the creature had thrown him a good fifteen feet. He just managed to catch a glimpse of the creature jumping up, catching the roof’s edge and vaulting over.


“Z69, take it down.” But he never heard the report of the sniper rifle; he turned to look at the cropping and didn’t see Shadowspawn. “Z69, report!” Storm pulled his sidearm from his hip, but paused at the foot of the hill. He couldn’t chance another encounter with one of those creatures without his primary weapon. Storm considered the chance that they had set up an ambush but he didn’t want to believe it. However, it was a possibility and with that he couldn’t risk the chance. He opened the channel, “Squad Leader, Z69 is not responding and is currently unaccounted for.” There was a pause, and then static, “Ackno…having… … many contacts… hold … …sition… … onfirm?” Storm checked the frequency, “Sir, please repeat, I’m having interference.” Storm listened but only static reported back.


Storm closed the channel, and retreated back to the base entrance. He checked his mission time, 1h42 before reinforcements would arrive. He hoped there would be no more surprises till then…


But what was hope for anyways?

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I really really really wanna play infection now after reading that.

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I was working on Chapter 3 and for some reason can't get it right...


I will probably revise it; adding members of this forum in there.


This is for fun and not for serious stuff; not like I'm applying for some writer's school. :P

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I wrote these stories back in tCo and my characters were based on tCo's member list


is I in the story??? if i is then it be worth the long read, but if its not about me then booooo!

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It was a good read up until it ended.

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