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Remove from these Forums please HB

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KSI xXJustinXx and KSI XxLEGENDxX need to please be removed from these foums as they are leaders in the Black listed clan EGI. Also they threatened KSI Firestorm. Here is the proof.


KSI xXJustinXx:


Apollyon didnt believe me that I could be a threat. My point must be taken seriousely, I have powers that you guys will never imagine. No one can hold EGI back, even if we are banned or not welcome. He have the powers and resources nessecary to do other things too. What I worked so hard to bring up I can bring down with a snap of my fingers


More proof talk to either KSI Apollyon 7 or myself. Thank you.

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Now see there signatures say L2K and not EGI.


That "proof" doesnt really help though. I can type something like that and say that you said it

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This topic is now closed to further replies.