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the Jummy

Who is the Jummy.

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My persona on these forums comes off as confident, somewhat arrogant and carries a sense of being impervious to losing. Some of these attributes carry over into my real life, I can shake a person's hand strongly and look them in the eye. When people stand to give me correction I will always have my say; in the workplace, with someone I don't know, at a church function or in my own house. I also like to think I am never wrong and can people a hard time when they think they know something more then me.


There is one difference; where on here I can be very outspoken but in real life I'll keep my opinion to myself. It's not that I am afraid to speak up, it's just I trust other people's judgement; some times too much. The reason why I trust others is that I usually don't care enough. I'll say a little quip here and there, and if I really care about the situation or decision, I will bring the heat. You can ask St0rM about that; I gave him a lot of **** about moving out of state. As always, if the situation or decision is dire and needs attention, I will hop fences to make sure I stop someone from being hurt. Other then that, my best influence I have on people is my friendship; I'm goofy and tend to have fun. People can observe my day to day nonchalant way of living; not needing to drink or smoke some recent thing to fit in. I can make jokes here and there and be a person anyone can be themselves around.


However, on here I cannot express who I am because I'm best in person. What can I say, I have a great smile. ;) On these forums I choose a somewhat different approach in interacting with others. I make somewhat long-winded posts discussing ideas and such; I do it one because I care about the community and want to help make an change to further help it's expansion. But also, I hope to encourage others to speak their ideas and such for KSI; enough to where they actually apply that to their life. To speak up about issues! In school, at work, in a friendship, whatever it maybe. I try to keep my vocabulary refreshed and expanded so that others may have a desire to be more knowledgeable and the likes. I also will take interest in a person's case and help them anyway I can. I believe in second chances and too many times in life, people are discard to the trash because they blew their first chance. The best I've seen is that effort shown by a repentant individual; one that seeks self-worth and redemption through their work and passion. I recently made it evident in a recent topic pertaining to what I just said.


So you say 'tJ, who gave you the right of being teacher; sometimes you can be arrogant and be found in the wrong.' Of course, everyone is human and makes mistakes. Some of my mistakes are purposefully done as I don't like people coming at me; say your piece and I'll say mine. You know what gives someone the right to help others? The fact that you actually care; you don't do it so that one day you will be able to say, "I knew him back when..." but you say it knowing that you helped someone. I measure my self worth by the people I have helped; I will never brag about it. If I die with my kids living successfully, a loved and happy wife, and friends and people better off because somewhere along the line I helped then I will die happy.


So yea, there is something about me.


More to come?

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Jummy's Jummies

an artist, a man, a LEGEND!


lol :D


very well written jum, i couldn't imagine the design section w/o you :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.