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Last Summer Project

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(this is not yet, and may not be an official Marketing project. This is a recommendation from KSI R3X 7)



Hey there Gang!! Dropping by with a project that all of KSI can be involved in.


1.) A Public Relations Representative would be the head of the project, who would appoint the tasks to be done, and everyone would go to him/her to be apart of the project and help.


--Cool project that will bring hundreds of members to KSI, and hundreds of more competitors for those of who you participate in the ladder system on GGTPRO.


--Not hard at all!! You simply put about an hour of your time runnin around your high school or college campus posting flyers in designated and appropriate areas.


Here is the run down...


1.) Flyers will be made by our fantastic media/design/graphic team. What will be on these flyers?

----"Couldn't make it to the Major League Gaming tournaments this year? Don't want to stop entering in competitive tournaments?"

----"Enter in real tournaments, with real prices all semester long for FREE, without even leaving your pad!!"

---- KSI, Charity Gamers, GGTPRO, GnG logos and websites on flyer.


2.) There will be two flyers made. One blue, and one red.. With different games on each one, obviously going along with the color scheme.

--Black and White copies can be made very cheap to go outside, nice color copies for inside.



(p.s. all subject matter on flyers can be changed, awaiting ideas to be added or dropped to better the project)



---------That's all the project is guys!!! Get with the Lead PR Rep, or marketing team that takes on the project to get the file for the flyers, print them off, and go post them in legal and designated places around your campus. EASY STUFF!!!



---Members in KSI are from all over the world. The more members we have getting on board, helping us with this project, the more our name GROWS!!! The more hits we get on our websites, the more activity!! the MORE FUN!!!! Want to go above and beyond? The print off extra flyers and post at the surrounding schools in your area. (High School's, Junior Colleges, University's)


This project can turn into REALITY within the week. It is easy, and all it takes is for your guys to get on board and do what KSI does as a community, come together and help better your gaming experience by spreading the word of KSI. You don't even have to spend time talking to people. If you are shy, and have a hard time recruiting gamers on XBL, this is JUST the thing for YOU!!! Do your part by asking for the flyers, and post the up at your schools. EASY!!! and NOT too time consuming.






1.) Plenty of time to get this project on the ball before the Fall school semester starts.

2.) Flyers can be made on time. (Marketing and Graphic teams can contact me for more information to ensure the flyers are made correctly)

3.) A volunteer PR Rep contact me please to take on this extra project to lead.

4.) Members of the community, reply to this thread if you are interested in participating, or if you have questions/concerns.

5.) Thinking about it, isn't getting ANYWHERE, deciding to better KSI, and all its affiliates, is saying, "LETS DO IT"!! Why the heck not eh!!! Lets try it!!




I am excited and thrilled to help do my part in the central Austin, TX region..And am prepared to print and post flyers any day now. Whos with me?


Thanks to KSI Peleton 7 for the inspiration and well thought out ideas for this project to really be reality

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I did this not too long ago for Charity Gamers event; printed a poster and flyers, fedex'ed them to FREEDOM CG and he used the stuff.


It's been in action; I'm willing to help seems as printing is free for me. I only pay a small fee for Fedex... w00tie!


In the Open Door policy, a petition is currently being finalized to further help this project come into play.

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