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Your blank cold eyes see nothing,

The many people surrounding you,

Reaching out,


For help,

To release them from the hell you’ve created,

The death you’ve brought them,

The wake you left them.


You look back with those blind eyes,

Not realizing what you’ve done,

Not looking at the pain you caused.

But looking for the,

Greater good


For what price do you put over your goals?

The death of loved ones?

The obliteration of humanity and life itsself?

You look into the eyes of the “hated”

And snub out life like it never existed,

As if life does not matter.


What has made you so blind?

Why have you come?


You speak nothing but the words of the blind,

Stuffing the innocent full of hate,

Manipulating them so you may have your way.


Many do not see you as blind,

But as a hero,

As the brave.


I see you as you are,

And through my hate,

You are dead.

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