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R00t Da3m0n


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Points System is now in affect
This points system is not meant to overcomplicate things or make anyone angry, however it is here SO DEAL WITH IT.
Details, Details...
  • Buy Avatar permission - 100 Points (One Time Purchase)
  • Buy Sig Permission - 50 Points (Must be purchased during every change)
  • Buy Name Change - 1000 Points (High price to limit constant name changes.)
  • Self Title Change - 2500 Points (This is a luxury, as we didnt allow custom titles before.)
  • Change other Members Titles - 50000 (Extremly High price to limit spamming or title Changes.)

The lottery is pretty simple it is a standard lotto with some small adjusments.
Details, Details ...
  • Tickets - 7 Points Per Ticket
  • Maximum of 7 tickets
  • Base lottery Pot of 77 Points
  • Lottery Pot increases as more people join into lottery


The bank is designed to well ... Be a Bank... Like a savings account
Details, Details ...
  • 2% Intrest Rate
  • Money in bank does not display to other members

Earning Points
There are a bunch of way to earn points.
Details, Details ...
  • Lottery!
  • Posting Replys (in non Spam areas)
  • Posting New topics! (again in NON spam areas.)
  • Interest from money in BANK!
  • Donations
  • Awards (Will elaborate later dont ask any questions, you wont get any answers.)
  • Im not going to post what areas you earn what points, but in general they are ...
  • 2 Points Per New Topic
  • 1 Point per Reply
  • NOTICE : Some areas do NOT award points, as they are deemed spam areas or limited access areas, i.e. Spam/Water Cooler && Admin sections ;)

Points will not be awarded for past post/topics at this time, as we would have to manually edit every member and count every topic then every post from them.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.