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KSI XKnifeXWind

Mi poem

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heres a poem some spelling mistakes plz read thru and tell me wat u fink




And truth is with you're heart only

you can choose its way

and which ever way you choose

you will find two doors one

which holds true love

and the other eternal sadness

which ever one you choose i will

always be there too guide you to

the right one through sadness

and lonliness i could not bare

but through true love involves

loss at one point i take the third door

the one which holds truth lonliness

yes and sorrow but also joy

a mix, a different path to lead because

everything can change in purpose

or direction at any time in ur life use it

wisely and dont take for granted wat u

like and wat u deserve for there is a

person for every one in this small world

just dont miss you're one and only chance

for you're heart might not be able to take

the concequences

just remember life is like a storm very

unpredictable things can go from bad to

worse instantly


Another one =D




life is a virtue and most virtues are complicated


complicated problems can be solved


but problems that linger shall stay in void


an in balance ,balance can be disturbed by


stereotypes and interferances alike


stereotypes are popular there are emos,


chavs,goths,skaters,u get the point


well half the point that is th main point is that chavs


they run the fing its true they are more popular


but popular is a problem they abuse their fame


they're abuse is the predujice against alll uver stereotypes


their excuse is they do things which are different which is


wrong to chavs now if u really think different is wrong


then u must be different to fink that


to fink that difference is wrong u are wrong or just misunderstood


misunderstood like me like goths emos skaters u get the point


the true point is life revolves around love and hate love comes


in true and fake hate comes in predujice and passion


passion is the main circuit of life



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OMG thanks so much guys i thought id get called a loser for those poems why thanks alot guys its nice having ppl like you guys like mi poems =]





KSI XKnifeXWind

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well well well....nice poem, i like them both...nd nice 2 c u on the forums...

cheers buddy tbh i like killroy's better and cheers =] howz ur holiday's going ?









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my holiday..its sick man....its all gd...its been great.....thnx 4 askin tho

safe man well im off too france in like 9 hours and cant sleep so im gunna ****ing i dunno entertain miself lol so wuu2 ?



i like the first one alot ;)

why thank u alot =]

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