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Hey everyone this is the KSI News Team's First Sport issue. We are a little short handed, but we could use alot of help getting things done with the Sports and Informational areas. If you would like to join the news team let aither KSI Black Rose, KSI Lee, the Jummy, or KSI DaProblem20.

The Ace Brandon Webb


Bradon Webb now has piled up a total of 17 wins this season helping the Arizona Diamondbacks maintain their first place lead in the NL West. Webb who has a (17-4) record with an outstanding 2.88 ERA in 25 starts for Arizona this

Webb who has not lost a game since June 22nd has been on fire ever since that loss. He is 6-0 in 9 total starts since that loss, and is currently holding on to a four game winning streak with his latest win over the Atlanta Braves.


In his latest start he pitched very well allowing just one run on six hits. He also piled up five strikeouts in the six innings he pitched. He probably would have been happier if the manager would have left him in the game for more then six innings, but I am sure he would rather take the win.


Webb is a pitcher that many teams would love to have at the top of their rotation. He has stacked up an 82-59 record in 189 games 188 of which he started. Despite his first three years which he had records of (10-9), (7-16), and (14-12) he has went (34-18) in the last two seasons for Arizona not to mention this season he still will have more chances to add some wins to his already great (17-4) record.


If Brandon Webb keeps up his dominant performance in the big leagues, and continues to have seasons with over 15 wins, there is a pretty good chance he could end up in Cooperstown, home of the baseball hall of fame.


-KSI Hollister 7






A Legend Reborn


A legend by definition is something that is unbelievable and yet admirable. However unbelievable and admirable is it possible that a person can fit into such a category? The answer is yes and the person is Brett Favre. The former Green Bay Packer Quarterback led the Packers to one Super Bowl but many victories in his sixteen years. After the last NFL season, Favre announced his retirement, a shocking but expected event. After many weeks even a month of thinking Favre decided he had made the worst mistake of his life. Favre had realized that life without football was not what he wanted at this time in his life. Thus begins the off-season drama between Favre and the Green Bay Packers.


After determining that he wanted back in the NFL, Brett Favre began to talk with both his agent and General Manager of the Green Bay Packers, Ted Thompson. The talks began, but went nowhere fast. With the Packers franchise set on backing and starting their backup quarterback in Aaron Rodgers the Packers staff were not looking to bring back Favre. However, Favre was not looking nor willing to take no for an answer and continued to pressure and call both the Coach, Mike McCarthy, and Ted Thompson. So the talks began again, only this time playing on the field was not on the minds of the Packers staff.


After being contacted multiple times by Favre, the Packers had come up with what they believed to be a sure shot solution. The Packers simply offered Favre a position with the team, the marketing team. After hearing the proposal from the Packers and figuring that it was the best they could offer him aside from sitting on the bench, Favre went into his last resort mode and began talking trades. Favre was a starter not a benchwarmer or a towel boy but a full-blown starting quarterback, and so he began to look into teams that were weak in his area.


Trades? The Packers instantly turned around when they heard Favre speak of being traded. The Packers figured sure lets trade him; the only problem was they wanted the trade to have nothing to do with the rest of teams in their own division. Favre began talking with his first two teams of choice, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Jets. Following days and even weeks of deliberation the Packers and Favre both became very happy. Favre had finally gotten what he wanted in a trade, and the Packers got rid of Brett Favre and picked up a draft pick.


Introducing the newest member of New York Jets roster, quarterback Brett Favre. Favre had been traded to the Jets in return for a draft pick. What round you say? Well, according the Jets the round of the draft pick is all determined on how Favre does as their starting quarterback. The final result was, the Jets get Favre and the Packers get one of the following: 4th round pick if Favre snaps fifty percent of all snaps, 3rd round pick if Favre snaps sixty percent of all snaps, 2nd round pick if Favre snaps seventy percent of all snaps and the Jets make the playoffs, and finally the Packers can receive a 1st round pick if Favre can not only snap eighty percent of all snaps but also take the Jets to the Super Bowl.


It’s a win-win situation right? Well let’s see. Jets inherit a long time pro quarterback, Packers get a draft pick and lose a headache, and Favre gets to play football. Looks like everyone is satisfied. It all comes down the upcoming season and how well the “Packer Legend” can do with Jets.


-KSI AceOfSpades








China vs U.S.A (Most Watched Game Ever)


The entire Olympic world was set alight and is still buzzing from Sunday's sensational game in which the American team dominated the game, despite a brave attempt from China. Yao opened the game with a 3-pointer to stun the crowd. Yao has only made one 3 in his whole NBA career to come out here and drain one to start the game was a big boost to Chinas team. U.S.A. vs CHINA Basketball Olympic Preliminaries: has caused intense excitement with ONE BILLION expected to have tuned in on television. Half Time Score 49-37.


Yao Ming of China was injured towards the end, and his team, although brave, were a little diffident in the rebound. The American Dream Team played with confidence and arrogance to the point of committing rather too many fouls, which the Chinese took full advantage of. The Chinese also out shot the US from beyond the ark. 21 of China's 37 points in the 1st half we all 3 point shot. Coach K talked to his team about cutting down on open three point attempts.


The second half US came out in a tear. There defense were on point there offense was flashy. The crowd looked in disappointment when there home team were slipping in the ending points of the game, but they still applauded when China made a good stop and a great play. Yao still supported his team even though they were down big. Many in these situations would of sat


Even with them shooting so well and taking the advantages that US were giving them they lost 101 - 70 in resounding US win, who are favorites to win the gold medal in the event. Also with over 1 Billion people watching world wide made this game one of the most watched game in history.


-KSI DaProblem20



Thanks for reading our first issue. There will be more articles about your favorite sport to come in the next weeks issue.





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Guest KSI Pasquale 7

Ok, we should market out the news team. If anyone has any suggestions please "share".

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Thanks guys :D. We just need to get some more people involved in the News Team.


How does one get involved? Is there some sort of application?



I did alot of writing during, and after college, mainly about sports. I run an NHL team fan-site, that I also do a bit of writing for.

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Nice article problem and aceofspades :D looking good. I can't wait to cover the world series and the rest of the playoffs :D

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