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ANNOUCEMENT! please read!

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KSI Carnage LS has started a squad paintball team. This is what we had in mind, have squad teams in each division, and play with in the division. Then make a All Star team, the best players make one team out of the division and then play other divisions. But start off with squad teams first. Teams should have 8-10 players. But games will only consist of 7 man, 5 man, and 3 man games. Any QUESTIONS MESSAGE ME PLEASE!!!! We are trying to get this to expand. It is a fun game and very competitive. We have a game type made and IT IS NOT TO BE TAMPERED WITH PLEASE!!! And we have a 7 man field made and a 3/5 man field made. Sizes of the field make how many people can play on the team. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO MAKE A MAP OF YOUR OWN AND SUBMIT IT!!!! Use foundry….


Game type:



7 man Field:




3/5 man Field:



Please Reply We Encourage You To Express Your Thoughts.


Thank You KSI!!!


Add KSI Carnage PB for questions


updated August 26, 2008

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AND ADD KSI CARNAGE PB for carnages team to contact us for schedules. THANK YOU!!!

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There are paintball games for the Xbox 360 capable of online play...why play a gametype when you can have the videogame of the real thing?

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