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Seems all has faded

Seems all has past

We were supressed and hated

We couldn't last

Something inside you just isn't the same

You said i messed up when you're to blame

I did nothing wrong, i called, no answer

I've given my time, done more than a man served

I gave you all i had, the shirt off my back

Now you return, and it just ain't like that

Like i said you've changed, we are no more :(

Now i sit here, in the corner on the floor

Hands together, on my knees I pray to god

Release me please i'm sick of feeling odd

I'm sick of this prison you've placed me in

I'm sick of this pain that seems to have no end

I'm sick of tears always running down my face

Sick of this torture that i seem to feel in this place

I don't understand why goodbye is goodbye

It's a fat chance, cuz only when pigs fly

But i'm not a miracle worker, i do as i can

I play with the cards dealt to try to win that hand

But with this hand i don't want to fold it

Used to be my heart but you stole it

I don't want you to go, cuz i'm dyin inside

The further we grow apart the more i hide

Cuz these feelings are so strong, like hercules

But they are crushin my everything, please let me be

I can't stand the tears, always wellin up

U were my everything, now you givin up

When you get on the plane all is done

No more chances, no more fun

No way things can stay whole

I need to step back and check my role

Am i your man or another friend

I will be there when the day end

I can't be one, one day

And the next be the other

I'm not here to play

I wanna be ya lover

So give me a chance and it'll be all good

Can't live another day wishin i would

Have done this or that, tit for tat, Switchin back

Crazy how things are gone just like that

My feelings remain, but yours ain't there

Forgive me for thinkin you really cared.



As always let me know what ya think.

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i asked poda if i could make a typography of it so i did :P

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