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hey ksi

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hey ksi.

i miss being wit u guyz but 2 badd i cannot come bak into ksi i have had my xbox taken away.... i wished i could i quit my job n everythingjust 2 get ready 2 come bak n i get my xbox taken away it sucks ut i do play runescape soo if any of yall whanna come n chill wit me add my username ddog880 public is on on but yea ksi was my life n i cannot stop thinkin bout it.. soo yea plz ppl forgiveme for leavin but i really whant 2 come bak... but i dont have an xbox soo yea... i dont have a cell anymore if u whant 2 contact me runescape or my email [email protected] i miss you ksi i really do*sigh yea hit me up pce

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