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Rap is a form of poetry.

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I mack dem ladies like ho*s,

unlike me, Nelly just blows,

he thinkin he got sum game and some bit&*es,

But there ain't no girl to be doin his dishes.


I never seen no game so wack,

I question if the man is even black,

from his raps you think he get action,

but he only be gettn it from Michael Jackson.


The man aint even a playa,

can't even get it with princess leah,

if he tryin to win some fame,

the man better learn some game,

The game I got, It aint lame,

dont try to hate, I aint tame.


So if anyone say they like nelly,

its cause they fat bit$&*es with rolls of jelly,

Hes got a band-aid over his cheek

when he really needs something over his beak,


And while everybody in the club gettin tipsy,

Nelly sitt'n all alone, gettin pissy,

pissy cuz its gettn hot in here,

and hes gettn drunk from just one beer.


I ain't frontn, I got no trick,

am just a playa with a big D$%#.


I made another one about Counter Strike. I'll post it when I remember it.

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hmmm thats pretty cool... :D

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I agree, songs are just poems with a rythm and melody.


Though i am a fan of nelly. He's is a good singer/rapper because unlike most he does put a melodic tone when he raps, and a lot of ppl have learned from him and have done a lot like he has. So i mean good rap, but i don't like it :P

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