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Lie no more

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Here u go again talkin about her

Wearin a big smile in ur face

Tellin me how much u love her

How perfect u are for each other


And once again here I am fakin a smile for u

I can see in ur eyes, deep down ur breakin apart

But the more u hurt and pretend everything's alright

The more I cry and little by little I die


Boy, no matter how much u hide and pretend..

U cant fool me..I know coz I tried=(

I keep tellin myself I don't care..

I DON'T LOVE U AT ALL..but i know it's nothing but a BIG LIE!




I lie to my friends, i lie to you

I'm lyin to myself cuz i know it's true

I do love you, it's so clear to all

I want u there to catch me as i fall


No more games, do you love me or not

Will you be there by my side when i reach the top?

You will? what about the other girl in your heart?

You say it was me..well when did this started?

I was it all along and all you wanted

You got me with you, and now you flaunt it?

Well my heart goes to you, protect and don't break it

Now that you've given me yours too, i know that we'll make it



I was missing an ending for mine so I asked poda since he seems really good at writting..Thanks poda!


Well let me know wat u guys think...THANK U THANK U! have fun guys. :D And Oh guys and gals..If u like someone stop pointing on some crap..go straight to the point who knows the person u might really like is just waiting for u to say the magic words. :rolleyes: i <3





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