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Guest trusty

i attempted to kill myself the other day so

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Guest trusty


i dont think about the past nomore cause it doesnt hurt/

already deep inlove with death so i dont have to flirt/

my family isnt first cause they aint in my life/

maybe my mind is corrupted and i aint thinking right/

maybe this drink tonight will sober me out/

cause i cant trust the own words that are coming out of my mouth/

keep stumbling down falling into oblivion/

it use to be my world but now its my mind that im living in/

so let the sinners sin so i can have a conversation/

i just need god to tell me that my place is waiting/

its getting aggravating from all these voices turning/

so tell me is it life or death that is predetermined/

and its so disturbing everything that im living for/

some of it is cool and rich how come the win is poor/

my f***ing lip is torn heart is broke soul is gone/

so give me one good reason why im moving on/


am i easily forgotten cause im gone already/

is my brain dead weight cause i think so heavy/

is it just too late to try to make things steady/

or my fate isnt great and it just wont let me/

i try to tell everything that u want to hear/

but is it possible to for every word to reach your ears/

i say it crystal clear but u dont comprehend/

im just a lonely f**k traveling to find a friend/

and im envisioning a place u dont want to visit/

when death is broken people have to die to fix it/

they think the pains terrific because its so addictive/

just cause your souls been lifted doesnt mean u arent twisted/

dont tell me im evicted i know where im living/

im lock down and my mind is that f***ing prison/

and im terrorism in every shape and form/

have u ever woke up crying just cause u was born/


im in a uniform a solider yeah im marching right/

i choked death so they call me the arch-a type/

i fight with all my might with every chance i get/

i got problems in my life i need to handle sh!t/

you like a candle wick you feel the heat first/

i set naborhoods on fire while the streets burn/

and this is my turn/

and i aint f***ing leaving/

god put me here and now i need to find the reason/

im kinda distorted cause my mind aint thinking straight/

my legs aint working thats the reason why im running late/

and now i hesitate on everything i ever do/

its your fault for everything that u put me through/

and i will never move and i will never budge/

its my fault i dont give away my f***ing love/

and i dont need a hug so keep your ****ing distance/

the devils gone and i dont even really miss him/


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why would you try to kill your self man? i've been down that road plenty of times bro trust me it doesn't end well (obviously) i don't know your story, but if not for anything else man stay living for YOU. everyone has the potential to make their life a happy one. only cowards take the easy way out.

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If you kill yourself you're an idiot. When people try to kill themselves they are on the rock bottom part of theit life so it can only get better from there on out.

Don't be stupid.

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Guest trusty

im not killing myself i failed at it so it happened for a reason so i know i must keep going and i will now go on with my life so no worrys guys i am straight and ready to be me again but yeah just tell me what you guys think of the lyrics plz it would mean alot to me

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Ive Went Through Times Like This It Gets Better Im Glad You Made The Right Choice And Moved On Remember You Have Over 12000 People Here For You

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Well we just need to realize that those bad things happened to u, to all of us are just a part of life..And the Almighty that created us will not give us such problems and troubles that he knows we can not conquer..this things are just helping us to grow more stronger..and survive everything. but i love ur poem..nice

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I, too, have walked down that path in my mind... while I never acted upon it, I always wondered to myself, "I'm just one person... who's going to miss me?"... but then I met someone.... and she brought me out of that mindset... and I realized, "If I'm going to go, I don't want it to be now, and I don't want it to be because of something I didn't think I could handle." Sometimes, you think things are too much to bear. I understand that all too well.


But look at yourself. Look at what you wrote and showed us. Write songs/poetry; don't think about doing that to yourself. I used to write a lot, and it always helped me deal with my problems.

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Hey man, that song had a great meaning.


There are better ways around things. Believe me it will get better and I understand what you're going through. All of us are here to help you if you need anything.

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its hard, i mean ive been down that road alot this year, and you know there is so many people that you never knew that needed you to be in there life and with u gone that will affect their life too. And all the hard stuff you go through is like a trial or test and some trials are harder than others but we try our best to get through them. God will knock you down from the highest peak or highest mountain just so you realize the blessings and the people that u do have around you. At moments i believed that i lost all my friends or im alone but i wasn't. it was a lie, a whisper in my ear. At moments we believe you are alone in the world and we have no one to turn to. But there is always someone that you can turn to and that person is god. God will always be there, he will never turn his back on you. Your life will get better believe in yourself and why give up now after all you have been through. There's things we want to run from or hide from but don't ever run from them, face them. Don't let your fears own you, or control your life. you are your writer of your destiny not your fear.


like they say what does not kill you only makes you stronger, and this has made you stronger bc your still here man.

good luck in ur life and god bless you.

who ever you are i have u in my prayers and just keep fighting on.

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