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KSI Angry Hobo

me venting

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we all have a friend like this. a friend who just disobeys your rules you've known them your whole life. That friend is the one who you just seem to have known forever. My case the kids name is john. Let me tell you about john. He's the kind of kid who will tell his parents he's going out to eat and use the money to buy weed. he's the kind of kid who steals a pack of cigarettes from YOUR mother not his but YOUR mother to feed his addiction. He's only 16 and he's been in your life sense you were a baby. Anyways. So to start off. I was sitting in my house one day with him and a couple of other friends and he's playing with his lighter. I tell him to knock it off. He doesn't. I tell him one more time and he's kicked the f*** out. he stops. I had my last behind the wheel class that day and I let them hang out because most of them are trustworthy and respectable. So i find out he was playing with his lighter. btw i have ferrets and they could probably freak out at the sight of that. Anyways thats not all. On my mom's work computer that she's letting me use temporarily until my computer is fixed. He types the f word into youtube. on my mothers work computer... and i find out about all of this from my best friend later. so that was all icing on this mr disobeys cake, btw he always walks into my house. no knocking or anything. ANYWAYS today while reaching for some condoms (haha yes) i have them hidden for obvious reasons. Anyways so as i am reaching for it. I find john had stashed two packs of cigarettes back there with out realizing i had the condoms there. So i find a pack of cigarettes that have been used that I knew about those were fine in a sense. them being stashed and in my house at all NOT FINE. But anyways. I also find a pack of marbolro lights which is what my mom smokes. those were what john took from my mom. stealing is like wtf. Oh to go way back in the past. So I was at my dads for a weekend and he asked if he could borrow a really cool light of mine. I said no I don't want it to get broken. (John being notorious for breaking things). He wanted it for a party. ANYWAYS. So he comes to my house and tells my mom I said he could borrow it borrows it for the party. Then breaks it. Trys to hide it by randomly walking into my brothers room with it and acts like he went in there for nothing and lies about it. A kid i've known since before I can remember. Also we had made a pact that we both would never do drugs and he went behind my back and broke it. what a messed up kid. just venting. feel free to tell your stories or criticize mine.

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I don't have any criticism, but I have one suggestion.


Get out while you can. I know you two have been buds since before the womb; but from what I'm reading, it seems like one day he's going to drag you down somewhere, you'll get in trouble, and he's going to blame it all on you. There are plenty of other people to befriend that won't get you into ****. Besides, why should you put up with someone stealing from you and your mother; you never know if that's where it stops.


This is just my suggestion; take it if you want. I am not trying to force you to do anything.

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