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Sumidor P71

Never Again

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I see you sitting over there, all by yourself.

That solemn look of betrayal and mistrust on your face.

You don't know what to do, who's still on your side.

Who can you rely on anymore?


You were hurt, burned, used.

The one who you thought to be the ultimate turned out to be a fake.

You still don't completely understand the motives.

Maybe you'll never know.


All of a sudden, two appear next to you.

One elephant, one panda.

Both put their arms around you, and hold you tight.

Never will they let you go.


Next to them spawns two more.

One turtle, one deer.

The four stand up and take your hands.

And you walk with them into the distance.


Time jumps forward now.

Years have passed, and all have grown.

But the image never changed.

One elephant, one panda, one turtle, one deer.


None have left you in the dark since that fateful day.




The person of which this piece is about is my best friend, Jean. Recently, her best friend of 16 years left her in a matter of minutes because she was tired of putting up with alleged "bs". In the days to follow, she wasn't the same... so I wrote this. I haven't written anything in quite a while, so I'm a little rusty, but I would appreciate any and all comments.


Elephant = Myself

Panda = Her sister, Janine

Turtle = Another best friend of hers and mine, Brian W.

Deer = Her boyfriend, Brian D.

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I actually really like this. It breaks out of the norm. The personification with the animals kinda throws me off, but in the end i think it's pretty good. Me like.

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