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Sumidor P71

My Mind

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I toss and turn, running back in forth in my mind.

A compilation of my thoughts and emotions.

What I know to be true has to be kept a secret.

You can never get the notion.


I am sitting here patiently;

Waiting for you to come take me away from my fears.

My heart holds the truth, hoping to share it with you.

It wants to whisper it quietly in your ear.


But I know what would happen.

Armageddon and annihilation of what I already hold.

I refuse to go back on the promise I made myself.

I will not ignore what I was told.


I look at you, and I can’t help but think.

“What if?”/”Why not?”

But I’ve made a commitment.

Don’t think I forgot.


So I’ll remain in the shadows.

Watching, listening, preserving it all.

I’ll always be there in the background.

I’m the first one to catch you if you fall.




Still rusty.


I like the last paragraph the most.

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