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KSI Sasayuki

Extradite Your Own

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Vastly free, gather your forces

Unarmed as the clock runs silent

One day will pass, empty evenings

Oppositions are nigh

There are no courses


Men are a mold, creating new doors

Fists full of hope, but hands pious

One day will pass, empty evenings

Oppositions don't riot

Yet there is remorse


Dark lights on the shores and,

without feeling, nor vices

Before the day passes, all are seething

Tensions now high

Painful words soar


Bars of iron hold our roars

We ready our arms, sharp like a pirate

First to harass will face a beating

Opposition brings violence

Red walls, glass ceiling, no floors


One was equal to a *****

One died fighting, one untimely

The last days ended, two were breathing

One lit the fire

The other kept score


This should sound familiar to anyone who knows how to assess a situation as dangerous when you impliment the stupid with weapons.



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