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Cypha Soundz

Mixtape Messiah Series

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This here is one over the greatest mixtape series to be released.


Mixtape Messiah 1 was a 3 disc mixtape that is the longest and best selling mixtape in Texas history.The first disc had Mike Jones disses.The second had a compilation of songs from the first and third CD which have been Screwed & Chopped by OG Ron C.The third disc has collaborations with all the Color Changin' Click members.


Mixtape Messiah Disc 1


Mixtape Messiah Disc 2


Mixtape Messiah Disc 3


Mixtape Messiah 2 was a digital download mixtape that was released on Christmas Eve on his site.Here Cham tears many hot beats and has amazing lyricism.


Mixtape Messiah 2


Mixtape Messiah 3 was also released as a free digital download on his site.Cham continues to take the hottest beats out and tear them with his amazing lyrics and versatility.


Mixtape Messiah 3


Mixtape Messiah 2-3 are on his site at the very bottom.


Mixtape Messiah 4 was the most recent addition to the line up.This was available for purchase on his site for 15 + 3 shipping fee.This was a 2 disc Mixtape that was to be released on December 18 of last year but due to Pimp C's unfortunate passing, he delayed it.Preview the trackas on his website and order it there.


Mixtape Messiah 4


Mixtape Messiah 5 will be dropping in November then his 3rd studio album will be released in December.


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