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KZI H3ll RaV3N

Tri Poems

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I'm a Freak pt 1


Oh such a lovely world,such a lovely place, why is that o such a marvelous place. But yet the sign of death, the death of death perch upon this barren waste.


Death death death... one of the many things of death. Why such a terrible decision. Why such a terrible fate. But who all knows they still roam the earth, even after death. The blood of nothing, the blood of something, let it rise, let it fall, let it gracefully break thou fall. For if its nothing more but liquid, would it be something more then the pick wid?


Twisted as such, let it run. Rhymes riddles, its nothing more. The lies, the did no;s, its so much more, Im twisted as you can see. Whats there to fear. if nothings inside me? Oh such a wonderous imagination, such a wonderous life. I'm so twisted. can you see this knife? Of course not its in thy tree, not my heart, why would I dwell upon such a stupid thought.


Can you see the twistedness inside my mind? Cause for the once in a lifetime, I'm letting it run dry.Whys that for so much in an imagination. Why should one be kept in rememberenace. Such as the fact of death in my every ear.


Seems pointless in such a term.

Why keep them now. In such a squire.


Everyone is freaked, everyone is intrigued, But why such as this boy speak of such these things such as intrickt.


Oh Im so full of twisted thoughts, so full of thoughts, Im letting the twisted be spilt into the knots. Oh just let me be as I let these free. Im tired of stalling them inside, its taking up to much space. Im trying to be open, for more adapable space. Such a world I love,Such this life I adore. AH HA!


I am a Freak But dont be scared by these words Ive spoke, Im the same kid your known and only have spoken to. Im sorry for this randomness from inside my mind. But once in a while its best to just abide. Its sometimes rather best to let it all out, then to contain your tears, for tears are the best, to soothe your fears, I am a Freak to most, but to some Im Unique. Why say Im a freak? When I am Unique.


The caring and thoughts oh such I love. I love to care, I love to feel others emotions. Thats why I love everyone, except those who despise me. I am nor Christian, no religion. I am but me. With different intentions. My words are sometimes strange, my actions sometimes strange as well. But in all goodness I am trying to find myself.


To you I am a freak. To me. I am Unique.




I'm a Freak pt 2



Sitting here siting here, wondering about this day, what it holds, what it brings, its such a delightful day. The sun above risen clouds, the moon down and out, such a lovely day for such to occur, but such a lovely day for those to concur.


Look out the window and tell me what you see. Do you see a bird chirping or do you see a human slurping. Oh its all the same none to worry, But as everyone knows theres to much to not worry. So why dwell on this fateful day, and so why dwell upon this fray. We are in a world of such hostility, that every once in a while there is no possibility.


But why choose the way so many do, the ways of doing something they know they shouldn't do. Besides taking the knife, to your swelling wrists, why bleed, when you know you can fit. Oh such complicated matters Ill explain it more. You can fit anywhere, just don't be anyone else. The cliques, the poses, the groups, and well... the dreaded Nazis. Why belong in such one when you can fully enjoy life to yourself to undone!


But why is life, such this wonderful life, looked so down upon by many others. The death of one you loved so close, sure their physically gone. But at least their still apart of your heart, even after their done. So much tears are shedded for such manners as that. But please tell me this, are they truly gone then they have moved on? Of course not, because either way, when you visit their grave, even when your nothing to be brave, They will always and forever be with you in your mind, and around your presence.


So please, don't make tears flood from your eyes, your mind is to good for tears to shed upon this life. Brush off your swelling knees, and just say to yourself please don't shed a tear.


Death, it's so common to us now, but never forgotten then, What happens when the body count hits ten? Well then. Were in trouble, but lets blow a few more bubbles.


Its never understood why, but when it becomes one, then when does it become a why. Its so much ranting I have produced, But I tend to forget,


Oh such this wonderful life, Live life at the fullest, cause even if you think your down, theres always that magical place, to rise you back up.




Hell Hound


Ha-ha... You think your cute, you think you can shoot, by my words and by my thoughts, you will die, in such a horrible doust. You don't realize the anger that has me fueled. You yourself... you have yourself fooled, So why take it out, on such people you don't know, for once or twice, your death will be slow.


But oh no don't worry. You will not see that day. You'll notice it, once your in the fray... how does it feel. To be the one to know. That you future, has been foretold? Is it good, or is it bad, call me creepy, but hell you don't know the half.


Ha-ha... if only you knew who I really was, would you insult me from just because. You tend to keep your thoughts open, is that why your mind is so fragile? Or is it because your self conceited, that you don't know what is agile. Then again is your mind so hazed because of your looks, that you yourself don't know your true self.


It tends to be pleasant when surrounding by friends isn't it. The comfort, the laughter. I laugh at your attempts to insult. I laugh at your every sulk. Your so pathetic, even I can not deny. You don't know the ways you speak do you? Insulting everyone thats comes to you.


I hate your guts, I hate your soul, and if you assume I'm the slightest of being jealous, you have no room. Your mind wanders that even you don't know. But yet you make assumptions of those who you think you know. Your so sad, your so pathetic.


Your death will come soon enough, not by me, and I'm not making a threat. But bear well this little though. Death.


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