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Sweet tickle of the cold air as it rubs on your face

Longing of the warmth from a loving embrace

As your mind wanders, like a fox in the snow

Drifting from reality, not knowing where to go


As your lungs tighten up and you begin to breathe quickly

And the cold seems to consume your every being so briskly

As every last bit of blood goes to your core, for survival

Left to be chewed, like a horse and it's bridle


You seem to not function quite like you'd hoped

And you seem to have reached the last foot of your rope

Does your mind consume you, with the dullness cold brought

Or do you find the will to move, and do as you sought


U seem to drift back and forth from existance

And you fight against it with every force of resistance

But your bare skin is no fight for the frigid weather

You now feel light, like the wind blowing a feather


You are no longer freezing but warm as you fly

And you no longer realize the time passing by

Time is of the essence but only if you're living

I knew on that cold day you shouldn't have went swimming

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