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KSI un4given is back

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hi, i have been in KSI once before and loved it while i was here. i was in Adenine Dh and was working on getting my general position. well if anybody remember and if i am correct we got hit by some of our clan leaders for some reason. DH was practically destroyed and i was moved to TH for a little bit. i decided to leave KSI after all this madness went down so i said my peace and left quietly. i have been out playing call of duty 4 and halo 3 a bit and have decided i miss KSI and want to get back into it. i just wanted to say that if anybody remembers a KSI un4given in DH then please say so because i am looking for old friends. well i hope sombody actually read this thread and decides to send me a FR.


GT------> VIRUSol210lo


o= lower case O's

l= lower case L's

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Whats up homie? :)

I remember you from RNA and Adenine



if you need a squad you can always come to FV there are a bunch of guys over here from the Helix,me,Darknight,Van Ownage,FatboyDiaz,and every now and again Insane Duck


even if you're already in a squad hit me up with a fr



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