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KSI Sasayuki

12Sky, Clan Features Included

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I lied, they're guild features.


Many of you probably haven't heard of 12Sky. It's an RPg that's been out for quite a few years, but only about 3 or 4 years in English (Korean servers are more unbalanced since it was originally a Korean game, American servers have many fun revisions). The base of the game is that there are 3 factions (like races in Guild Wars or WoW). Each of the 3 factions has their own territories/maps/land where you can train and do quests. When you start, and for a long while, you begin to find out what the game is about. The first 5 maps that newer players use to train actually become battlegrounds. Each map has a shield, and members from other faction take down your shield by killing your guards. The first set of guards is in the PVP map, where it's a faction FFA. Those guards are the easiest. Once they're dead, the shield stays down until the 1 hour respawn. While the shield is down, members from other factions may enter that map. Each progressive set of guards gets harder to kill, etc. etc.


The main point of the game is that there are territories and aspects of which your faction can take control. Each faction has a stone. Taking another faction's stone gives your faction +10% damage, and their faction -30% damage, which is a very big swing. There is also an NPC stone that players can take. Having it gives the same bonus, plus a special event at night, which can make your very rich. The way you go about getting the NPC stone is by holding the PVP battleground known as Yanggok. Yanggok has a BUNCH of benefits. The faction controlling that formation gets access to many, MANY maps on which to train, EXP bonuses, and faster travel. This isn't the only PVP, though. When you're lower level, there are separated areas for 30-49, 50-69, 70-89, 70+ (Yanggok), and 113+ (max is 145. Levels 113 to 145 are known as Master 1 to 33). Winning the lower level PVP maps gives the players of that factoin (provided they are the apropriate level) access to a map for an hour. The different reward maps drop different kinds of item, like 2x EXP item, big money, item tickets/boxes.


The PVP system is nice. It's a martial arts RPG, so you see a lot of interesting fights. The Jinong faction (Jins) is the strongest. They get the biggest bonuses out of their stat points, but have the weakest equipment. Their weapons are the spear (fast, long range, strong), Light Blade (fastest, continuous area attack), and Scepter (ranged attack/magic, fast). The Jinongs own EVERYTHING if you're not careful.


The Fujin is my faction (even though my sig says otherwise, I just like that sig). Fujin are assassins. We have the smallest bonuses per stat point, but have the best equipment by a LONG shot. Our weapons are the katana (fast, strong, long range), Double Blade (fastest of all 3 factions, strong, continuous area attack), and the Lute (fast, ranged attacks). People think the Lute is dumb because, for those who don't know, it's an ancient version of what mostly resembles an accoustic guitar. But in fact, Chinese assassins disguised themselves as musicians. Their blades were easily concealed in the neck of the Lute. They could distract a target with music, and while the target eases its mind and wanders off, the blade comes out, and they're dead before they can react. That's the actuality behind it, but it's not really represented in this game.


Guanyins (Guans) are balanced. They have better equipment that Jinongs, but worse that Fujins. Better stats than Fujins, but worse than Jinongs. In theory, Guans should own everything, but they're pretty weak. Their weapons are the Blade (strong, long range), Sword (fast, continuous area attack), and the Marble (fast, ranged attacks/magic). Not much to be said about Guans. I had one, but it wasn't worth it to have a faction with no backbone.


Anyone interested in this game, it's pretty easy until you get up around 100. If you join, your best bet is to join the server Vengeance. It's about a month and a half old, so there aren't enough members to lag it, and you can level up the easiest there. Anyone that creates a Fujin on Vengeance will be able to get special help from me and my 110 Fujin (Ichiden). I promise you, once you get past the first few maps in training, it's a blast to PVP the other factions 30-49, 50-69, whatever.


As I mentioned, there are guild features. Creating a guild requires level 50 and 5mil (5mil is an easy feat, don't fret). Starting off, your guild holds 10 members as a level 1 guild. 10mil to level 2 and holds 20 members, 20mil to level 3 and holds 30 members, 50mil to level 4 and holds 40 members, and 100mil to level 5 and holds 50 members. If KSI got in contact with AeriaGames, that could benefit KSI very much. Aeria holds events in-game to sponsor/co-sponsor/give recognition to other companies or organizations. 12Sky (or any other game on Aeria's site) would be a great way to spread KSI even further. I know how much you all love your clans and guilds for KSI, so join 12Sky and see what you can do to represent KSI. I am not in a KSI guild, as there are none. So take advantage of a new possibility for KSI.






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