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Live above the influence

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It took me two hours to get ready tonight

Party of the year, of course I got the invite.

All my friends will be there, its gonna be cool

And ill meet new people from different schools.

I walked to the doorstep of the biggest house I've ever seen

5 cars,4 stories,3 pools,I must be in a dream.


He opened the door and gave me the biggest hug

Then we walked to the kitchen where he offered a mug

"No thank you" I said but was kind of suprised

I had heard about the parties but never realized.


We walked to the second floor, where i saw all my friends

Kaylie said "dude, I swear this house never ends."

Everyone danced for as long as I could count

But by midnight people started clearing out.

As I was about to call, he whispered in my ear

Don't worry, ill take you home later he said with a sneer.


He grabbed my hand and took me to a room

there was smoke everywhere with a hint of perfume.

as it cleared, I saw my bestfriend taking a hit

I was so shocked, I don't have the words to fit.

"It's not as bad as it looks, come and sit."


Maybe she didn't care or was just too high

To remember exactly how my brother died.


Yes, I walked myself home that deathly night

Honestly, it was the best choice I had ever made in my life.

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this poem was good and it also speaks out against drug use. thanks

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