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KSI penguin4

Some of my poems.

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A day that is warm and full of sun,


A day that is long and packed with fun,


Momments that will make you happy,


Times that will make you feel crapy,


Full of laughs and kisses,


Also of times where you miss it,


Feeling like your on top of the world,


But also cuts you like a double edged sword,


All these things that you read above,


Are some of the things you find out about love,


But when your alone and done with the mess,


You remmber the good and forget all the rest,


You long again for the soothing pain,


To feel dry in the pouring rain,


Remmeber that your not alone,


A good freind is just over the phone,


Just because your out of romance.


Stand strong and dont faulter your stance.



Poem 2




Name* my world was upside down and out of place,


I could not think with out your grace,


Every second of every day,


I wished that we could just get away,


To know you better and treat you right,


Because of course your were my shining light,


But in one night I lost your grasp,


Fallen to a voice from the past,


I dropped into a sadness and into self despair,


Forgetting the whole time that you were still there,


When I thought I was out and alone,


A familiar voice came over the phone,


A angelic voice from out of the blue,


I could hardly believe it was really you,


You reminded me that not all is bad,


You told to stop feeling sad,


I cried to you like a lost little boy,


But they were not tears of pain but of joy,


The one I missed and cared for so much,


Still cared for me and kept in touch,


To hear your voice to sooth my mind,


It reminded me how your so kind,


So here I write you one more line,


To tell you ill love you till the end of time.



*The name of the person I wrote it for.

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you might have accidently posted the same poems 3 times, but I think it's pretty good. Maybe in the future refrain from all the space outs between lines. took awhile to scroll down through it all. :D

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