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KSI Bates81

im empty

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Im empty now

longing for some peace in the world

trying to go on with life, and still can't forget that day

The day when it came crashing down on my life

I couldn't take it any more

the way i regret my cowardliness ways

I regret the way i responded to the excessive power

When it happened i felt empty


I'm empty now but from me a river flows

not understanding the rapids that lie ahead

but always just looking back

nothing will bring peace to the day

They day that i left you behind

because i was scared of what lies ahead

The Unknown creeps o so close

and yet now i am still scared


What is beneath my skin is nothing

I'm empty

My body has lost its emotions

and my senses are weekending by the day

More like by the hour and yet...

I have become more and more empty

And yet my regrets are deep inside

Fighting with myself over what i could or should have done


And now as you lay on the ground in my memories

It was a cold, frosty day

and as i felt the emotional pain

I also regretted not keeping you by my side

every day i tell my self i should have done this i should have done that

the truth of it is i can't go back

And as I am empty

I too, regret the past

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a very deep and thoughtful poem. There are some regrets I have about my life but I realized you cant change the past but you can change the future. and let go of the pain.

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