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KSI TwistdNinja

found on bungie forums

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1. Friendly fire isn't.


2. A marine who can frag you, will frag you.


3. If it has a head, it is going to die.


4.Just because someone betrays you doesn't always mean you should boot them, usually.


5. Master Chief wins. Always....


5. Betraying someone always results in a ban, unless it was on purpose.


5.Just beacause it's a grunt, doesn't mean it wont kill you.


6. If there are 3 laws numbered #5, choose the best one for the situation at hand.


7. A grenade that doesn't kill the enemy in one hit will kill you instantly.


8. if it has a gun, it will shoot you. no exceptions.


9. Katana proof vests aren't


10. just because its a BR, doesn't mean it needs to be fixed


11. rule #10 is void whenever it is convienent


12: New updates generate new problems


13. You are not Master Chief.


14. If at first you don't succeed, call in a Scarab.


15. If you can't remember, the Rocket launcher is pointed towards you.


16. Murphy was a grunt.


17. If your only hope is a bubble shield then you're screwed.


18. When worse comes to worse, you're screwed.


19. Leave the gaurdiance alone.


20. If the match is close, you will almost ALWAYS falter in the last 10 seconds of the match.

It doesn't matter what side you are on. you will either have the game-losing death, or they

will have the game-winning mishap.


21. The only thing deadlier than the enemy is a marine with a rocket.


22. The terms "Protective Armor" and "mongoose" are mutually exclusive.


23. If you're close enough to actually hear a scorpion battle tank while you are in combat, but you're not part of the crew, you're too close.


24. Just because you have nearly impenetrable body armor and a hard-butt Elite helmet, doesn't mean you don't have exposed areas.


25. If a marine is driving, you're already dead.


26. If you know someone who tortures animals and wets the bed, he is either a serial killer

or he works for Bungie Studios.


27. If anything can be romoved from the game, it will.


28. Trying to kill an enemy with fusion coils kills you instead.


29. If you have a sniper you will always get attacked by a scorpion tank, even on Guardian.


30. There will always be a team mate to run in front of your spartan laser.


31. Marines have horrible aim against enemies, though their hit percentage against you goes up 2000% when you are almost at a checkpoint.


32. If you don't know how you died, it was a marine.


33. never underestimate the power of the traffic cone


34. There will be grenade spamming on Snowbound.


35. If you spawn in the wrong spot on Valhalla you will get betrayed for the sniper rifle.


36. Banadu is not an Island you wish to vacation on


37. Tea bagging is not associated with a liqued beverage


38. If you can hear the person screaming at you, you're aiming at the wrong person.


39. "Pro" weapons aren't.


40. If Some One Screams "IM A CHARGING MEH LAZER" some ones gonna Die..


41. If one of your allies screams "LEROY JENKINS!" you'll have an amazing save film.


42. Just because you can grab the sniper rifle, doesn't mean you should


43. Not everyone who beats you is modding.


44. Your enemies will always be able to jump over both of your point-blank rockets, but kill you with a single rocket from half way across the map.


45. Whenever a Ban becomes completely defined, some damn fool discovers something which either abolishes the Ban or expands it beyond recognition (stosh...).


46. Your gun always jams.


47. Frags will never pass through shield doors.


48. You will always waste your frags on shield doors, regardless of the above rule.


49. Pics or it didnt happen


50. If your gonna spawn on Standoff, it's gonna be right in the path of that warthog circling your base


51. Snipers blend in on ValHalla, no matter what color their armor is. Always


52. If you decide to drive the Warthog, someone on the enemy will decide to pick up the laser


53. Don't mess with Guilty Spark


54. on guardian, there is always an invisible guy with a shotgun around every corner.


55. If you're playing Halo, you're most likely to get pissed.


56. Even when there's a search bar no one use's it!!!


57. No matter what what weapon you pick up, your enemy will pick up it's counter.


58. You will always have to reload twice with either the rockets or the sniper rifle.


59. Chopper always wins at bumper cars.


60. The cone is more diabolical than the other team.


61. The radio dosen't work in ANY of the warthogs.


62. The more numbers in the screen name, the more annoying the player.


63. The more X's in the screen name, the more annoying the player.


64. Defending excessive numbers or X's in your screen name is always epic fail.


65. The person you insult in the lobby is the person who owns you in the game.


66. no matter how far away you are from the other team when you get sniped, a ten-year-old will appear out of no where and start tea-bagging you and screaming "THAT'S RIGHT BI***!"


67. The Magnum in Halo 3 is not why you bought this game


68. Lolspeak is never acceptable. unless ur on teh bungie.netz


69. Never make your service tag have the number 69 in it.


70. When playing with people better than you, you always say "man i'm on a bad day."


71. Laws like these will always happen because someone pointed them out.


72. You're not THAT invisible.


73. In an MLG match...EVERYONE gets an assassination.


74. You will NEVER see the pink mist until it gets you.


75. The Recticle DOES NOT need to be red for someone with the hammer to kill you.


76. When you're about to get an Overkill Extermination, you will be betrayed.


77. Looking at your team mates might seem like a betrayal threat.


78. No one likes your music




80. All grade four officers in the Pre and Post game lobby are rendered as boosters by their peers.


81. If you have a shotgun, the guy with the Spike Mauler will ALWAYS kill you. Even on maps without maulers.


82. Drifting in the warthog on Standoff is a form of HLG.


83. The kid with dual spikers most likely has down syndrome.


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Agreed about the betrayed before you get the extermination (HB D R)... that also applies to perfections :(

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I can't believe I read all of that. -sad-


and yea, 30 always happen to me.

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rule 48 changes a little for me



48. You will always waste your frags on shield doors, regardless of the above rule.




48. You will always watch your enemies waste their frags on shield doors, regardless of the above rule.

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Whoever posts a number in what they agree on, the person looking will scroll up and check what number even after they got done reading the whole list ;)

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Nope it's a new rule, except I didn't follow it... lol


But I guaruntee a bunch of other people will.

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