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Drinkin and Drivin

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You were never fit to sit behind the wheel

Liquor runnin through your veins, designed t kill

Wreckless, a danger, havoc on the streets

U should have never been the one, sittin in tthe front seat

She was a little girl, barely old enough t live

How do u sleep at night, knowin you killed that kid

u was the tough guy, drivin home drunk

Now u the ***** guy, sleepin on the bottom bunk

U servin time now, vehicular homocide

looking back was it worth that one fun night?

U ended that night, thinkin everythin was just fine

Now u servin 20 between them guarded fenced lines

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With 15,000 people, it would be statistically improbable for there to not be talented people in here. But, its good to know nonetheless.


Plus, organization always draws those of higher intelligence.

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