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KSI Ryda 7

Always be here

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I rember the days when we where young Living life to the fullest

Sitting back wit the dro and the liqour feeling like the tallest

Lauging and kicking it till the ends of days

Doing what we want regardless what they say

Mess with one you get the other

You was my family down to the end.

We had our ups and downs fught like crazy

you was the first one i told bout having a baby

I could talk to you bout anything and everything

Sitting up those late nights playin halo

I miss it all but nothing I can do

Cause they killed you on that Feburary day

Apart of me died with you on that day in late july

Fell to my knees and cried why

I wish i could take your place take your pain

the thoughts i get drive me insane

I woud do anything to have you back like the past years

But then I remember that even though your body might be gone

You will always be here


Rip David Kulwicki (JR) Jan 1 1988- July 18 2008


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