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KSI ArmedSniper

im back for thos of you who know me

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hello, my in game name was ksi armedsniper but i do not have that name anymore because i forgot the email i used to make the gamer tag and the xbox it was on completely crashed. so i have a new xbox and it works fine. but not i have a new problem, my ethernet port doesnt work, so i am unable to get xbox live if you guys have any ideas of what i should do please message me.



now for when i was in ksi. i started ksi it seems like 2-3 years ago mabie more mabie less, all i can say it feels like a long time. i was 1st recrtuited into thaimin. but then i quit for a while. when i came back i was put back in thaimin but most the people i knew had left thaimin except for a few. i found a really good friend of mine and found out that he was the leader of a new divition called ksi birth ad so i asked if i could get a transfer and ksi kitten (another good friend of mine) transfered me over while in birth me and my old friend started recruiting like mad and birth became pretty big. at the end of birth i became a second captain. after that i forgot what happened but i quit playing xbox for a quite a long while. when i came back i was playing on xbox live and bumped into ksi kiteen and some other ksi members and i was like wow. so they put me in balista and kept me in there for a while. after a m,onth or 2 they transfered me over to ksi magic (me and magic where really good friends) (i think i actually recruted magic to ksi) i forget tho. so when i was in magic were where pretty pwnage. but thewn thats when my xbox crashed. so i lost all my ksi friends and my gamertag. i got another xbox and that one wasnt from the stores it was from a friend and for some reason my ethernet port doesnt work so i still dont have xbox live if any1 has any ides (once again) to get xbox live back or another way to get ethernet connection. please message me it would be great to come back =)



sincerely, KSI ArmedSniper

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